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LearnBetter Custom Logo Case Study

July 2nd, 2012 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design No Comment yet

learnbetter affordable logo design
Recently we had the pleasure of working on another logo for a learning organization. This was a custom logo design for a tutoring center, and since their philosophy is to reinvest into their instructor and learning materials, spending a few hundred dollars on a logo was out of the question! The LearnBetter tutoring center therefore turned to us for an affordable logo design. Having first seen the affordable custom logo we did for Manda Film, the decision makers at LearnBetter felt confident that we would deliver something they would love (and we did).

I’ve attached a rough (and disproportional) outline of how I want my logo too look like. I’m not much of an artist, but the logo is basically an image of a sun with birds flying around it, somewhat showing a transition from the birds to the open book that is directly under the sun. If it helps, my business is a tutoring centre targeted towards students in elementary and secondary school.

The business name is LearnBetter Tutoring Centre but we just operate under LearnBetter. I like the font type I’ve used for the “learnbetter” text. It is Arial Rounded Bold but you are welcome to play with that as well.

learn better custom logo instructions
The above hand-drawn image was attached. That and the instructional message made it very clear what we had to deliver

Here is another version of the ridiculously affordable custom logo that our client got within days:
learnbetter affordable logo design

People often say that there is nothing new under the sun, or that new ideas are just recreations of old ideas. In some ways that might be true and our designers went on the hunt for more inspiration to put a different spin on the next version.
There are many ways to make book pages turn into birds. Here are a few examples the designer for this project came across:
book pages turning into birds

(Here is source 1, and source 2)

And here is version three of this custom logo:
learnbetter affordable logo design

Despite very clear instructions, there is still lots of room for interpretation and creative freedom. This version looks unlike the first two logos, and the last one the project designer did again looks different

Here’s the fourth LearnBetter logo variation:
learnbetter affordable logo design4

While this logo is very much like the first two, the glow within the book creates a different feeling from the other two logos. Here the focus is on the warmth that the birds bring into the book, where this warmth (representing ideas and knowledge) is stored and kept for the next student.

The instructors at LearnBetter were very happy with our work. Here is what one of them had to say about our service:

These are ridiculously amazing! Definitely worth the price. No revisions necessary!

I don’t get to say this often, but this was truly a bang for my buck. There is no doubt that I will use your services again in the future.

Thanks to these fantastic instructions, we were able to deliver a very affordable custom logo to our client, and it’s only because of the clear direction that we were able to impress our client. LittleGuyLogos has another satisfied customer, and we hope that after reading this, you will get your low cost logo designed by us.

Manda Film Custom Logo Case Study

May 20th, 2012 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design 1 comment

Manda Film Video Custom Logo
It’s very easy to get a low cost logo that has been designed just as you want it. The key is good communication. How do our clients get exactly the logos they want? Well, when our clients have a good idea of what they want, they just provide us with a very clear direction. Manda Film/Video’s custom logo design is a great example of a clear direction. Here’s what the order request that we received looked like:

See attached – please use Bauhuas 93 for Manda Film/Video and phone number. outline in black, orange background….camera similar to shown in the middle.

That’s it! A hand-drawn image (you see above) was attached, and combined with this short instructional message, we knew exactly what to deliver.

Here is version one of the custom logo that our client got for a ridiculously low cost:

And here is version two of the affordable logo:

Seemingly clear instructions still leave enough room for interpretation and creativity. Because it was so simple to deliver those two designs, our designer had some inspiration, and decided to experiment.

Here’s the third Manda logo version:
The colourful background is still orange, but because of this ‘spotted’ background design, the logo looks completely different.

And here are more fruits of our designer’s experimentation. This is the fourth custom logo design:


Because of the clear direction and accompanying illustrations, we were able to really understand our client, and deliver the exact logo design that our client wanted, but couldn’t or didn’t want to make by themselves. As a result LittleGuyLogos has another satisfied customer, and another client got a low cost logo designed