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Weekly Logo Roundup 44

December 7th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

This Saturday proves to be no ordinary day in December for us here in Little Guy Logos. You may be asking, “Why?” Well, in this 44th weekly roundup of logos, a few designs seem to be jumping out of their illustrations and trying to escape being boxed into traditional meanings and symbols.

Dab Dillinger

Dab Dillinger is an online store that sells e-cigarettes and other smoke products. Dab Dillinger’s herbal atomizers may appeal strongly to those who’ve been using marijuana for medical purposes and to people who’ve been looking for good quality vapor-producing gadgets.

Online Store Logo 1

The logo features a dark figure in silhouette that looks so much like one of those notorious gangsters during the Prohibition Period. Well, that’s exactly what the design is gunning for: a glimpse of the sophisticated danger lurking beneath the shadowed profile of legendary hoodlum John Dillinger.


Online Store Logo 2

This design for the Dab Dillinger logo has a more exotic appeal. The text is in cursive script, which reminds the viewer of swirling smoke or vapors. It’s an elegant signature that can represent their products as the company grows.


GS Evenement

The company rents out big outdoor tents for weddings, parties, ceremonies, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Outdoor Tent Rental Logo

This logo design for GS features a brown sepia-toned image of a well-manicured garden in front of a palatial building where special events frequently take place. The company usually provide the large big-top tents that are required to shelter the guests from the heat of the sun or unexpected summer rain.


Outdoor Tent Rental Logo 2

This design for the GS logo has elegant letters housed under the tent’s pointed roof. It has a very imaginative concept hidden within the simplicity of its design.


Resume Builder

Resume Builder is a startup company that provides online assistance to job seekers in creating their resumes.

Startup Company Logo Design

This design for the Resume Builder cleverly draws a human face with colored eyeglasses on a piece of paper. The paper is the job seeker’s resume and the site helps the individual make his or her personality and professional identity shine through that piece of virtual paper. The logo has another meaning where the face represents the virtual assistant that will help in the creation of the resume.


Weekly Logo Roundup 38

October 26th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready to party? Before donning that costume, let’s take a quick look at the 38th weekly lineup of logo designs that we think deserve praise and recognition for the imagination and insight that went into their conceptualization and creation.

Tidy Team Housekeeping

Tidy Team is a professional housekeeping service for residential and commercial clients in Canada. The company’s trained housekeepers use only eco-friendly products in cleaning their clients’ homes and offices, providing a caring, personal and home oriented kind of service.

Housecleaning Logo

The Tidy Team logo is designed to look soft and inviting. The company also offers bouquets of fresh flowers – and a touch of the feminine to brighten up homes and offices. We went with the traditional female housekeeper in  a black and white uniform, but with other more vibrant, friendly colors


Honey To The Bee

Honey To The Be provides results-driven marketing expertise in events management,  to small and mid-sized enterprises.

Marketing Company Logo

The logo design makes the honeybee its main feature. A trailing line of dashes connects the bee to the company name, and the bullhorn represents the marketing component.


Marketing Company Logo 2

This design of the Honey To The Bee logo keeps the busy bee as its emblem, but now it’s yellow and black. This bee’s productivity is as sweet as the honey it makes.



Frankentech is owned and managed by Frank who’s keen on having a custom logo with the Frankenstein’s monster in it. Frank has been working in the Information Technology industry for many years as a professional IT consultant. He also offers his expertise and experience to small and mid-sized businesses that need immediate troubleshooting and repairs done on their computer systems.

IT Company Logo

This Frankentech logo has Frankenstein’s monster looking green and unsmiling beside the futuristically stylized text of the company name. Everything about the logo means business when it comes to Information Technology and computers.


IT Company Logo 2

This Frankentech logo has the head of Frankenstein’s monster in a geometric design. The eyes are two square holes and its gaping mouth shows its crooked teeth as tiny squares with gaps in between. We put a twist on the scary monster, portraying him as a more fun loving character to represent the company.


Weekly Logo Roundup 10

April 13th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Society’s fascination with rankings has made ten the standard number of people, items, and entries in competitions that can be declared the best or greatest among those who competed. Another week has gone by and it’s time to reveal the 10th roundup of logo designs that the Little Guy Logos team has marked as their favorite.

Concept Arbor Consulting

The client provides landscaping and arbor management services.

Landscaping Logo

The logo design shows a trio of large trees with thick foliage with the letters CAC carved out of the trees. The name of the company in a rounded Arial font is printed below the image.


Lazy Man Games

Lazy Man Games is a new company  that organizes social sport outings. To put it plainly, it’s man’s weekend drinking games, and we think that’s brilliant! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go one day, because when we found out that such a thing existed, we wanted nothing more than PARTY!

Lazy Man Logo

The company name is represented in the character’s pose. It’s an amusing logo with the blue man turning the letter A into a comfy pillow for himself. His lazy pose practically tells you: “Dude, just chill”.


Lazy Man Logo 2

It was important for us to communicate “lazy” in the logo. In this variation we have another blue man resting in a hammock. A hammock is perfect imagery for “a lazy weekend getaway”.


Synchronous Datum Engineering

Synchronous Datum Engineering is a mechanical engineering consulting firm. The company name communicates that information is occurring at the same time. They use parametric b-rep technology and to give their clients the ability to work with synchronous information. What that part means we have no idea, but we do know is that they wanted to see many logo options. Here are our favorites:

Synchronous Tech Logo

This logo presents the company name in a simple design. Synchronous Datum has a lot of clients in the aeronautical industry, and a small rocket making a loop (and the letter “D”) communicates that industry experience.


Synchronous Tech Logo 2

This was the logo our client chose. The design presents an abstract image of square capsules in orange and black. The black capsules follow a rising plane while the orange capsules are moving downwards in the opposite direction. The overall effect creates an illusion of movement between the two series of capsules. The blocks themselves represent blocks of data, and their movement seems like it’s happening in sync.  The image also forms the shape of the letter S.


Synchronous Tech Logo 3

In this version of the Synchronous Datum corporate logo, the word Synchronous lie on the Y axis while the word Datum is on the X axis. The mark consists of vertical bars that represent data the company gathers and analyzes.