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Weekly Logo Roundup 47

January 11th, 2014 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

The Arctic winds b-r-r-r-ing with them a sharply biting chill that keeps us wide awake and on our toes this wonderful wintry morning! And so… We decided to stay indoors this weekend and keep our almost freezing toes warm and dandy in a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers. The big, red X on the calendar marks today’s post as the 47th Saturday lineup of logo designs, which cover a wide array of concepts from straightforward to symbolic.

Ancient City Firearms

Ancient City sells a variety of handguns, rifles, and high-powered firearms as well as different types of ammunition and related merchandise, such as scopes, vests and holsters. This gun store also has an outdoor shooting range where customers undergo tactical training and develop their sharpshooting skills.

Firearms and Shooting Range Logo

This logo for a firearms and tactical supplies retailer uses an American bald eagle as its insignia. The eagle represents courage in battle, victory over one’s enemies, and the sharp senses of a true hunter or huntress. In this design, the eagle’s widespread wings are shaped like two automatic pistols that share a single magazine (the eagle’s tail).


Grinder Coffee Bar

As a coffee bar, Grinder serves many kinds of coffee (hot or iced), herbal teas, and fruit-flavored teas. This place also serves coffees fortified with spirits and keeps an interesting cellar of good to excellent wines.

Coffee Bar Logo

The logo plays around the coffee grinder tool, which replaces the lowercase “i” in Grinder. The grinder and coffee beans have the same color as the text for ‘coffee bar’ for cohesiveness between the company name and the description. All in all, it’s a simple logo design for a new hangout – a cafe and bar in one.


DigiShpun Publishing

DigiShpun is a digital publishing company that owns and operates several online magazines and blogs.

Publishing Company Logo

This logo design for a publishing company is a cleverly put-together wordmark. The text has two colors: gray and blue. The areas filled with blue follow the scalloped outline of an open book. Meanwhile, the gray text of ‘Publishing’ at the bottom right unites the whole logo with the irregular gray areas on the upper parts of the stylized text.


Publishing House Logo 2

This is a black-and-white version of the DigiShpun Publishing logo. The company is divided into two parts: the white ‘Digi’ and the black ‘Shpun’. As a digital publisher, the company is responsible for increasing the popularity and readership of several online magazines and professional blogs. The content these virtual publications covers many topics and produce a “digitally spun” network, so to speak.


Wishkah Valley Loggerettes

The Wishkah Valley Loggerettes is an all-female high school basketball team from the Wishkah Valley School District, located 12 miles north of Aberdeen WA, on the picturesque Olympic Peninsula.

Sports Team Logo

The sports team logo for the Loggerettes shows this basketball team’s quirky side. Standing at the right of the text logo is a cartoon image of a honey-blond girl in her basketball shorts and jersey. She carries an orange basketball under her left arm and hefts up a mean-looking axe over her right shoulder. The axe means one thing: the girls are ready to chop down anyone who gets in their way towards victory.


Weekly Logo Roundup 8

March 30th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

And, we’re now on the eighth week of our logo roundup! Number 8 reminds us so much of the Mobius strip or the symbol for infinity. This week’s parade of remarkable logo designs is for companies that are exceptional. They are in niche markets and you probably wouldn’t be able to think of a related company if we place you on the spot. We had no idea that these markets existed and this week we were really excited to learn!


This one is perhaps the most familiar one. It’s a company that makes antibacterial cleaning products. Their difference – it’s for use on airplanes.

Abatox Logo Design

The name itself is the brand, and it’s emphasized in this seal logo design. A green and white logo leaves a clean and orderly impression. And the friendly colour and font style makes the brand seem friendly and trustworthy. As you look at it, though there’s no face, I bet you can’t help but think that there’s someone smiling at you.


Das GlasCafe GmbH

Das GlasCafe GmbH is an online store selling beads, clasps, nylon wires, and other crafting materials. It’s also a craft shop so the logo had to appeal to people who want to be or are somewhat creative and playful. Our client wanted to see a coffee cup in the logo, because her shop is a comfortable place to be like a good coffee shop.

Cafe Logo Design

The design retains the symbolism of a multicolored coffee cup, which represents the shop’s origins as a mosaic atelier. The colors for the coffee cup mosaic have been reduced to just lime-green and fuchsia. One of the aims of the redesign was to create a clean and simple logo without losing its character.



Dobhareach is Irish for Hippo. Why a hippo? Well, why not? It’s a personal logo that’s specially designed for a geocacher (see Geocaching101 for more info), and if she wants a Hippo and her pet Scottish Terrier that follows her on these missions – then that’s exactly what she’ll get!

Geocacher Logo Design

This simple logo design has the silhouette of a running dog (client’s pet and partner) inserted between dobha and reach to communicate that her canine friend is a big part of these adventures. The main purpose for these designs was for a stamp, so we kept this design fairly straightforward, though a silhouette always adds a little mystery to a logo design. It’s also a great focal point for the logo.


Geocacher Logo Design 2

Geocaching is modern-day treasure hunting that uses technology, like a GPS device, to find a box or cache at a specified location. This variation of the geocacher’s personal logo design combines the ability of a hippo to “hide” and the talents of a good hunting dog to “seek” the hidden cache.

It’s also a cute drawing with the dog looking around for whatever it is that needs to be found.


Cheekee Monkey Nappies

The company that makes Cheekee Monkey Nappies hopes to bring back the use of cloth nappies into mainstream consciousness. The nappies are more economical to use in the long run and they’re an ecologically safer alternative to disposable diapers. The nappies have the same design as a disposable diaper with Velcro or clasps on each side. And, they’re available in different styles, such as cloth nappies that remain securely attached to the baby’s hips even while swimming.

Kids Clothing Logo Design

The name inspired the design for this product logo. No matter how active a toddler is, these cloth nappies will remain bound and wrapped around the baby’s hips and buttocks. To communicate that, we’ve designed monkeys crawling around and hanging by their tails, but still very happy because their nappies are still snug and comfortable.