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Weekly Logo Roundup 4

March 2nd, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

This was a fun week. So many exciting new companies, and a lot of them not what you’d call “little guys”. Then again, maybe we’re just looking down the road, when these companies will be HUGE!

Oak Bay

Here we begin with a custom logo for a medical clinic.

Medical Clinic Logo Design 1

The logo is a clever combination of an oak leaf and something with a nautical theme – a sail. The logo is quite minimalistic and makes a great watermark (especially on the letterheads we designed later for this medical clinic).
oak bay clinic custom logo design

Medical Clinic Logo Design 2

And here’s the same idea, but executed a bit differently. Now the logo has some extra elements and “more sail”. The oak leaf meanwhile almost acts like the sail’s reflection in the water.
oak bay clinic custom logo design 2

Noyo Arts

Here’s a company that patronizes the arts, and has a great future ahead of it. It provides trendy, avant-garde and fashionable people with a premium urban photography, media and events experience.

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 1

This was probably our favourite logo. The camera lens is there, the corner markers force your eye to focus, while reminding you that this is what photography is all about – aiming at that scene before it changes into something else and capturing it. The font is modern and meets the requirements our client set out for us.
photography custom logo design 1

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 2

Or maybe this was our favourite. The element of photography is anything but subtle here, with an image of a camera on a tripod that simultaneously represents the letter “A”. That whole tripod profile view of the camera suggested vintage, and we thought that was cool.
photography custom logo design 2

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 3

Client liked version 2 of the logo, but wanted it to be a bit more modern. Here’s one of the revisions along its way of becoming the final logo that’s in use by our client now. It looks more modern, and without the camera, or any imagery really, the Noyo Arts is not pigeonholed into anything, and can evolve as the company grows.
photography custom logo design 3
Here’s the Noyo Arts website, go buy some art!


Finally here’s another project that we really enjoyed. It’s a logo for a hip bakery. Everything is done with muffins, muffins that have crazy flavours like Pizza and French Toast!

Bakery Logo Design 1

Even though we’ve done a few more traditional designs as well, the only ones we wanted to share are these minimalistic designs. We love them and hopefully you do too!
If you’re in the area, grab a bite. Here’s their site:

Simply Awesome Live Events Logo Case Study

January 18th, 2013 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Here’s a clever company we had the privilege of designing for: Simply Awesome Live Events. It’s a hub that lets business owners showcase and sell their products and services at live events hosted by this company. And their acronym is: S.A.L.E.

Our client has clearly put some thought into the name, and he has done so with the logo as well. The instructions were very specific and clear:

Hi, I am looking for a logo for our new venture which has just started up. We host live events such as tradeshows, marketplaces, charity fundraisers, live and silent auctions, dances and other social functions. originally, I had an idea to have our acronym, SALE inside of a star which is inside of a box. In the box there would be the lighting effects and background shadows of ppl in crowds. Around the utside of the box would be our company name printed on all 4 sides, Simply Awesome Live Events. Not sure if this would look good or if some other variation can be found to make it look better.

Basically need a logo that portrays: fun, social interaction, marketing, and professionalism.

In addition to the custom logo that met all the requirements (see it above), we delivered these logos as well:

Event logo version 2


Event logo version 3


Even though it wasn’t what our client originally envisioned, one of these designs won him over right away.

We really like the one in the middle and do not wish to change it in any way.

It’s not rare for a client to want no revisions, but it’s not really common either. We sent the web and print-ready logo files right away, and then a day later we sent them again after our client asked us to add “Ltd” to the logo.

Event logo version 2 – revised


Smart concept and a cool company, you can check it out here:

The Golf Depot – Strong Logo for a Power Seller on eBay

December 23rd, 2012 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there and we love working with all of them. Each one has a unique story, and for us it feels good to be there they grow their idea into a successful business. In this example a power seller on eBay has asked us to make a custom logo for his business: The Golf Depot.

A lot of people start selling on eBay with little idea of how profitable it could be. Some items may make only a few dollars, while others can help the seller discover a hidden niche market. People stumble onto opportunities just like that; by trying something out.

We don’t know if that’s the case here, but we do know that a successful seller needs to have a successful image. A strong logo communicates to the buyer that the seller is serious about his/her business, and the seller feels reassured.

Custom logo for an eBay seller – version 2


Custom logo for an eBay seller – version 3

golf-depot-custom-golf-logo-for-ebay 2


New York City’s Bagels 2 Burgers Logo Case Study

December 11th, 2012 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Joe Borgia is amazing restaurateur! From a restaurant concept to a business launch with a speed that would leave Usain Bolt jealous! Really, the speed he moved through was very impressive, especially for a brick and mortar type of business.

One day we received the logo order, and within what felt like just a couple of days, we saw our work pictured in a local newspaper on top of an opening soon sign for Borgia’s B2B. But, that’s later. Let’s start at the beginning with what the order looked liked:

Attachment file is for the logo that I came up with. I would like you to improve on that logo for 1 of the designs and then come up with two that are completely different.


Here’s what we came up with:

Logo Version 1


Logo Version 2


Logo Version 3


We soon got feedback from our client:

We like the logo from ver 2. We like the font from logo 1. Also, on the very bottom where it says Bagels to Burgers, can you put NYC Bagels to Burgers. The only other thing I would maybe like to see, is if you can do those changes and then maybe do something with the colors. Instead of the brown and bronze, maybe brown and blue, or just some other combinations that you think would look good.

We made the requested revision to logo 2 and send it back to our client. We also sent a fourth design. It was an afterthought, and a nice bonus for the client. Inspired by New York’s iconic yellow cabs, we felt we had to share it (the very first logo on the page).



While we personally liked the cab inspired logo best, our client liked the revision.

I love the one with the Blue. I just have 2 changes for it and we are all set. Make the Borgia’s the darker blue in the logo and show it to me with a little more spacing between the Borgia’s and the B2B.

A couple more adjustments, and we delivered the chosen logo:


Our client is happy so we’re happy. And, it’s certainly nice to see the sign up.

We think that burger bagels would be delicious, so if you drive by Borgia’s B2B, you must check them out. In the meantime you can check out their website here:


All Plumbing Enterprises & Their Brand New Logo

November 18th, 2012 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet


All Plumbing Enterprises is growing – They need a new logo!

I want the logo to make the homeowner want to pick up the phone and call me for their plumbing needs

That’s it. Those were all the client’s instructions. Not really a lot of direction is it?
But sometimes that’s all we need. Especially in this case, since our client seemed very open to whatever we design.

We ended up breaking down our designs into 3 themes:
> 1 traditional logo
> 1 friendly logo and,
> 1 memorable-fun logo (pictured above).

We are sure that it would get proper attention if it was on the side of a company van. Inspiration from the traditional pirate’s skull and bones, but with the kind of colours and design that would suggest a friendlier company – one that certainly would not go on a plundering spree while servicing a client.

Logo Version 2 – The Friendly Design


Logo Version 3 – The Traditional Design


Ultimately the traditional logo was the one our client intended to use for his business, but who knows, maybe after sleeping on it, he’ll reconsider and go with our personal favourite…


Cad’s Cause – NPO Logo Design

October 7th, 2012 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Once in a while we at Little Guy Logos, are lucky enough to work with some truly inspiring organizations. Such is the case with our work for the Cad’s Cause fund.

Motivated by the death of a close friend, Andrew Scott Cadigan set off on a journey around Australia to raise funds to help find a cure for cancer. His epic 536-day-long journey took him all around the Australian coast and raised $25,000 for The Cancer Council and almost $40,000 for The Leukemia Foundation.

Andew Cadigan ozonfoot

While recuperating in Thailand, Andrew suffered life-threatening injuries in a motorcycle accident and was left battling for his life in a local hospital. To raise money to transfer him home to Australia, his friends formed Cad’s Cause, and with overwhelming support they raised the required funds. Sadly Andrew lost his battle and passed away last Friday, but his cause lives on.

Cad’s Cause – The Andrew Cadigan Fund has had a tremendous following, and is here to do some serious good in the world. It has been our pleasure to work on the logos for this inspirational NPO.


cads cause npo custom logo-3

The logos range from depicting the cause visually, to a more subtle design.
Ultimately this was the chosen logo:

More info:
You can find out about Andrew Cadigan on his site:
and see his remarkable journey mapped here:

LearnBetter Custom Logo Case Study

July 2nd, 2012 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design No Comment yet

learnbetter affordable logo design
Recently we had the pleasure of working on another logo for a learning organization. This was a custom logo design for a tutoring center, and since their philosophy is to reinvest into their instructor and learning materials, spending a few hundred dollars on a logo was out of the question! The LearnBetter tutoring center therefore turned to us for an affordable logo design. Having first seen the affordable custom logo we did for Manda Film, the decision makers at LearnBetter felt confident that we would deliver something they would love (and we did).

I’ve attached a rough (and disproportional) outline of how I want my logo too look like. I’m not much of an artist, but the logo is basically an image of a sun with birds flying around it, somewhat showing a transition from the birds to the open book that is directly under the sun. If it helps, my business is a tutoring centre targeted towards students in elementary and secondary school.

The business name is LearnBetter Tutoring Centre but we just operate under LearnBetter. I like the font type I’ve used for the “learnbetter” text. It is Arial Rounded Bold but you are welcome to play with that as well.

learn better custom logo instructions
The above hand-drawn image was attached. That and the instructional message made it very clear what we had to deliver

Here is another version of the ridiculously affordable custom logo that our client got within days:
learnbetter affordable logo design

People often say that there is nothing new under the sun, or that new ideas are just recreations of old ideas. In some ways that might be true and our designers went on the hunt for more inspiration to put a different spin on the next version.
There are many ways to make book pages turn into birds. Here are a few examples the designer for this project came across:
book pages turning into birds

(Here is source 1, and source 2)

And here is version three of this custom logo:
learnbetter affordable logo design

Despite very clear instructions, there is still lots of room for interpretation and creative freedom. This version looks unlike the first two logos, and the last one the project designer did again looks different

Here’s the fourth LearnBetter logo variation:
learnbetter affordable logo design4

While this logo is very much like the first two, the glow within the book creates a different feeling from the other two logos. Here the focus is on the warmth that the birds bring into the book, where this warmth (representing ideas and knowledge) is stored and kept for the next student.

The instructors at LearnBetter were very happy with our work. Here is what one of them had to say about our service:

These are ridiculously amazing! Definitely worth the price. No revisions necessary!

I don’t get to say this often, but this was truly a bang for my buck. There is no doubt that I will use your services again in the future.

Thanks to these fantastic instructions, we were able to deliver a very affordable custom logo to our client, and it’s only because of the clear direction that we were able to impress our client. LittleGuyLogos has another satisfied customer, and we hope that after reading this, you will get your low cost logo designed by us.

Manda Film Custom Logo Case Study

May 20th, 2012 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design 1 comment

Manda Film Video Custom Logo
It’s very easy to get a low cost logo that has been designed just as you want it. The key is good communication. How do our clients get exactly the logos they want? Well, when our clients have a good idea of what they want, they just provide us with a very clear direction. Manda Film/Video’s custom logo design is a great example of a clear direction. Here’s what the order request that we received looked like:

See attached – please use Bauhuas 93 for Manda Film/Video and phone number. outline in black, orange background….camera similar to shown in the middle.

That’s it! A hand-drawn image (you see above) was attached, and combined with this short instructional message, we knew exactly what to deliver.

Here is version one of the custom logo that our client got for a ridiculously low cost:

And here is version two of the affordable logo:

Seemingly clear instructions still leave enough room for interpretation and creativity. Because it was so simple to deliver those two designs, our designer had some inspiration, and decided to experiment.

Here’s the third Manda logo version:
The colourful background is still orange, but because of this ‘spotted’ background design, the logo looks completely different.

And here are more fruits of our designer’s experimentation. This is the fourth custom logo design:


Because of the clear direction and accompanying illustrations, we were able to really understand our client, and deliver the exact logo design that our client wanted, but couldn’t or didn’t want to make by themselves. As a result LittleGuyLogos has another satisfied customer, and another client got a low cost logo designed