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Weekly Logo Roundup 31

September 7th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

It’s time again to take a look back at what the week has brought us. In this weekly roundup of logos, we’re introduced to a myriad of great companies and great logos.

Equilibrium Kinesiology

This is a custom design for a logo for a kinesiology and massage therapy clinic.

Massage Therapist Logo

The bamboo shoots and the three stones stacked one on top of the other represent the balance and serenity of the body and mind. The color green symbolizes harmony while dark gray keeps it anchored to the earth.


Eatery SEO

An SEO marketing company had this logo designed to represent its menu of services for restaurants, diners, and cafes looking for affordable website marketing and optimization packages.

SEO Marketing Logo

The logo itself features a simple setting on a dining table. However, instead of a dinner plate we’ve got a magnifying glass representing “search” and rising arrow inside it depicting the growth of the company’s standing in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Meanwhile, the utensils that flank the magnifying glass remind us that Eatery SEO’s clients are primarily restaurateurs. And if you’re a restaurateur, you should check them out here:


One Dot World gets you closer to those cool places you always wanted to explore. Book your trip with them and go on that trip you’ve been planning for ages now!

Travel Company Logo 1

The logo features a globe with a small plane circling it, and maybe even going way out into space. One Dot World is all about taking you on out-of-this-world trips so this visual allegory is perfect for communicating their exceptional trips.


Travel Company Logo 2

This wordmark design features the globe and the compass rose. The compass, being a navigation device immediately makes the viewer think of a destination, while the globe is there to show that the trips are not limited to any one continent, but rather the entire world.


NQ Vets Mobile

The following logos were created for a mobile veterinary clinic out in Australia. Our client chose a design we didn’t show off here. Our favorites were these:

Vet Logo Design

This logo design has an abstract blue design that’s shaped like the silhouette of a dog’s head in profile. The color is meant to represent a cool, calm treatment of animals during emergencies. The color is associated with dependability and we thought that would be perfect for a pet doctor. Meanwhile the treatment is modern, and when it comes to medicine, new information is better than old information.


Veterinarian Logo 2

The second logo we wanted to share with you features the silhouettes of the two most common household pets in its design. The choice of colors are meant to signify the cool and professional manner that these beloved pets are treated for medical problems and other emergencies. Meanwhile their gaze is directed at the company name in anticipation of the relief that this good vet will bring.



Mogtel Security Custom Logo Design

December 18th, 2012 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Here are some logos we enjoyed doing for Mogtel Security. The security industry is pretty competitive. There are a handful of big companies dominating the market, and there are many smaller companies that have their own niche, tailoring to specific clients. And, like with most industries a lot of the business comes from referrals. At the same time referrals are just a part of the client-acquisition funnel. There are random inquiries from trade shows, there are those clients that discover a company via linked-in or in a google search, there are those that just pick up a directory, there are many sources. Point is, many potential clients judge a company by it’s appearance. This could be the office location, the website, or the logo.

After a certain level of growth is attained, it’s important to update that logo made by a cousin’s second uncle. It’s important to get a professional design so that the logo reflects the current wellbeing of the company. A professional logo will also allow for future growth. A great logo communicates to all those prospects out there, that the company’s services are great. Sure there are other factors, but we all have a tendency to judge people as well as organizations by their appearance.

Logo Version 2


Logo Version 3



Birck’s Industrial Supply Logo Redesign

October 7th, 2012 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

We change our hairstyles, our clothes, our look, all the time. Certain styles go out of fashion so we reinvent ourselves to stay fresh and connected within our culture. The very same evolution is important for businesses as well. Take Birck’s Industrial Supply for example.

During their early operations, Birck’s wordmark logo had elements of a local round-the-corner business. It was the kind of logo you would expect to see at a place where you knew the owner by name. In other words it inspired trust:


This made sense, since Birck’s has been serving Richmond, Indiana and surrounding area since 1906 and remains 100% family owned and operated till this day. At the same time as Birck’s list of products and the areas they serve grew, their business website became a more important selling medium for showcasing themselves and their services to potential customers outside of their immediate area.

Such growth required a logo facelift to inspire trust and appeal to clients that were in another part of the country.

Client requested something:

Simple, clean and professional

And shared a competitor’s logo that they liked.

These instructions and illustrations were great, and we were able to deliver:

Second Business Logo Designs


Third Business Logo Design:


Finally a combination of versions one and three lead to this successful professional logo design:

Chosen Company Logo Deign:


Birck’s has been around since 1906, so you know they are doing something right!

Here’s how our client described their company:

We are an industrial supply business focusing on supplying customers with all of their Fastener, Abrasive, Material Handling, and MRO supplies. We pride our business on offering excellent products, customer based service, and competitive pricing to help you run your business more efficiently.

We feel that this logo is a great match for Birck’s Industrial Supply, and we wish them another 100 years of successful operations.

Really a great company. Check them out here: