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Weekly Logo Roundup 50

February 1st, 2014 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Isn’t it amazing that it’s already February? It feels like it’s just yesterday that we were contemplating the holidays. Before we knew it, New Year’s Day has come and gone. Now, we’re on our 50th weekly roundup of logo designs. Fifty is a golden number, and we’re hopeful this week’s lineup proves to be a treasure beyond compare. See for yourself our most recent selection and pick the ones you like. We’d love to know why these logos caught your eye, so be sure to let us know on our facebook page!

Celebrity Extensions

Celebrity Extensions is a world-renowned hair extensions salon that caters to the jet-setter crowd, which include models and famous celebrities.

Hair Salon Logo Design 1

This logo design for a hair extensions salon deserves a golden star for the woman’s pale gold flowing hair. This is the kind of logo that proudly displays the salon’s unique advantage over others that offer the same services, while appealing to the movie star clientele.


Hair Salon Logo 2

This Celebrity Extensions logo design is simple and elegant. It’s meant to still appeal to the movie star


Cloud 420

Cloud 420 is an online shop selling merchandise, such as vapers and atomizers, designed to be used in smoking medical cannabis.

Legal Herbs Store Logo

This is a logo design for an online shop that sells e-cigarettes. Naturally, it features a vaping cartridge and inhaler with smoke coming out of it. The smoke surrounds the green-tinted number ‘420’ which is a short code for marijuana.


Legal Herbs Store Logo 2

A handy atomizer with a water bag figures prominently in this logo design for Cloud420. It’s advantage is that the image isn’t easily distinguishable to people unfamiliar with this object.


Mildura Muscatel Clusters

Mildura Muscatel Clusters manufactures a dried fruit product from a bunch of grapes grown in Mildura, Australia. The grapes are dried in a bunch, and then, they’re sold to high-end city restaurants where they’re often served as part of a cheese platter.

Dried Fruit Product Logo

Naturally, the logo design for Mildura Muscatel features the grapes that were specially grown in Australia. The text and grapes are purple while the green curling grapevine on top looks to be in good health.