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Weekly Logo Roundup 52

February 15th, 2014 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Over the past 52 weeks we probably shared close to 300 designs with you, and those you can still check out on our site, but we plan to showoff our new designs on our Little Guy Logos Facebook page and on various off-site portfolios and logo critique communities that we recently joined.

Weekly Logo Roundup 51

February 8th, 2014 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

In less than a week, the deluge of roses and chocolates will be upon us. Oh, Valentine’s Day! And speaking of love… This passion for graphics design is a form of love, and we celebrate it every Saturday. There are no romantic dinner dates, sunset strolls, or surprise wedding proposals. Yet, these weekly roundups seem like poetic justice as we continue to give recognition to the exemplary works of nameless and faceless graphics designers around the globe.

Cutting Edge Electrical

Cutting Edge Electrical has licensed electricians to do various electrical jobs for residential and commercial clients.

Electrical Company Logo

This design for an electrical company is a variation on the sketch our client requested. It places the letter E inside the letter C like a set of Matroshka dolls or converter plugs.

Life’s Little Instructions (LLI)

LLI is an upcoming personal blog that imparts bits of wisdom and good advice based from experience.

Personal Blog Logo

The logo is a simple jigsaw puzzle with the two L’s framing the letter “I”. They create a speech bubble and together represent a tidbit of instructions that one can take and immediately apply.

Flip-It Ticket

Flip-it Ticket is a P2P online marketplace specifically created for people looking to trade their tickets to a concert they can’t go to with someone else’s tickets to an event they’d be able to attend. Or for cash, whatever the case may be.

Ticket Flipping Website Logo

This design for a ticket marketplace logo has a tickets in yellow and similar shape representing cash in green. Together they form a sphere, and this circular arrangement is symbolic of the quid-pro-quo system in place at the website.

African Studies

African Studies was created by The Africa Awareness Initiative, a student organization based at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The Initiative was founded in 2002 in response to the lack of representation as well as a lack of nuanced intelligent dialogue about Africa on campus.

University Program Logo

Since the logo’s focus is on Africa, the continent plays a major role in the design. A maze design serves as a backdrop and suggests that the issues surrounding Africa are akin to a maze that needs to be explored and figured out. A maze is a powerful symbol because it represents a lot of dead-ends and roadblocks that must be conquered.


Pediatric Therapy Associates

Pediatric Therapy Associates helps children and infants with speech disorders, mental and physical disabilities, and physical injuries. The center offers speech and language therapy, oral motor and feeding therapy, and fine motor therapy programs.

Pediatric Therapy Logo

This design is a facelift of PTA’s old logo.
Pediatric-Therapy-clinic logo

Weekly Logo Roundup 45

December 14th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

It’s just 11 days before Christmas Day, folks! Have you already completed your shopping list for the holiday season? If you haven’t yet, then don’t be surprised when a beautifully organized chaos descends on our lives so suddenly. Understandably, everybody’s racing against time before the shops raised the retail prices of much sought-after products or before these Must-Buy items go out of stock.

Yet, never have we at Little Guys Logo missed publishing an end-of-the-week post – not even once – since we began rounding up these jaw-dropping logo designs in January this year. This 45th weekly lineup of logos not only showcases those designs that have been crafted with boundless passion, creativity, and expertise, but also displays an unsurpassed dedication to one’s work.

Tiro Jewelry

Tiro Jewelry is a high-end collection of handcrafted jewellery designed to fit the wearer’s personality. These limited-edition necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings have been created with precious stones and various metals.

Jewellery Wordmark

This Tiro Jewelry logo is a simple wordmark with light (golden yellow) and dark (midnight blue) versions. The logo design’s flexibility is a reflection of this custom jeweler’s artistic ability to create a magnificent piece of jewellery based on the customer’s background information and ideas.


Magnetic Electrical

Magnetic Electrical offers domestic and commercial electrical services, including power grid upgrades or transfers, wiring and lighting installations, setups for CCTV videos and smoke alarms, and emergency repairs on switches, fans and power points. The firm also installs, cleans and fixes the swimming pool pumps and filters of their clients. Most of its clients in North Queensland, Australia are in the mining, materials processing, manufacturing, and mercantile sectors.

Electrical Company Logo

The logo design for this electrical services provider uses two objects, namely a horseshoe magnet with a red U-shaped body and two black tips, and a black electric plug. It also kind of looks like a person, and we liked this human component – it makes the logo look much friendlier.



Boostivation is a Youtube channel with aims to grow into a full website that aims to inspire and motivate its viewers.

Motivational Channel Logo Design 1

This Boostivation logo is designed to remind us of the Power-Up Mushroom bonus from the classic NES game of Super Mario Brothers. The pixelated image is a 2D composite of the funkie fungi that Mario gulps down for a short burst of energy.

In a similar sense, online viewers consume a small helping of “Yes, You Can!” and “Believe In Yourself” in affirmative messages after watching a series of feel-good videos via Boostivation’s YouTube channel. Consistent exposure to this electrifying “Kool-Aid” mixture of motivational and uplifting content (whether it’s curated or originally created) leads to internalization of these positive beliefs and attitudes.


Motivational Channel Logo Design 2

This logo design for Boostivation has a more contemporary illustration of the Power-Up Mushroom bonus similar to the one in the classic NES game – Super Mario Bros. Mario eats it and enjoys a limited boost in speed, stamina, and strength. Channel viewers will get a similar boost from the short videos that were made to inspire and motivate.


AW Market

AW Market is an online store that sells different types of consumer electronics, such as cameras, speakers and video game consoles, at ridiculously cheap prices. They’re mostly virgin-return products, or items that customers barely used and returned to the seller after a few days. They’ve been professionally refurbished using manufacturer-authorized parts and processes.

Online Electronic Store Logo

The design for the AWMarket logo is a simple wordmark that’s divided into two parts: the large green AW and the stylized text for “market” that’s displayed in smaller letters with a shopping cart replacing the letter “a”. The first part has a fresh and edgy look that appeals to the masculine. Meanwhile, the second part uses a slightly tilted and rounded font that leans more toward the feminine aspect to balance this logo design.


Weekly Logo Roundup 30

August 31st, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

It’s another exciting Saturday for everyone here at Little Guy Logos! You may be wondering why that’s always been the case with the LGL design team. Well, for starters… It’s nearly impossible for us to curb our enthusiasm while posting this 30th weekly roundup of creative and witty logos. Also we found some of our earlier designs in use by our clients and we love to see our work not just on our monitors, but used on company sites and stationary.

Adapt Electrical Solutions

This is a custom logo designed for a Perth-based service provider of electrical repairs and installations.

Electrical Company Logo

One of the legs of the letter “A” is shaped like a lightning bolt to signify power and electricity. The shades of steel blue and powder blue create a dignified look for this business logo. The colors also express trustworthiness and a strong commitment to their customers.


Titus Capital

Titus Capital provides investment help to small businesses. And we’ve got We’ve got 2 designs that we really liked and wanted to share with you:

Investment Company Logo

The logo symbolizes a strong foundation built to last several lifetimes. In effect, the design represents how an investment fund serves as the stimulus in getting one’s business rolling. The red roof is meant as a form of shelter or protection for the business in times of trouble. Meanwhile the negative space creates the “T” for Titus.


Investment Company Logo 2

This is the second design concept for Titus Capital’s logo that we liked. Unlike the first logo, this one features grayish blue lines forming a Greco-Roman column. It’s meant to represent indefatigable strength like the centuries-old columns still standing among the ruins of Parthenon in Greece. At its center again we have the letter “T” for Titus.


Sky Fly Video

A videography company in England commissioned this logo. The company provides its clients with film and photography services, specializing in cinematic high-definition aerial videos. The team, composed of a pilot and a camera man, stays on the ground the whole time as they operate an unmanned aerial vehicle called an Octocopter, which has a small video camera mounted to its belly.

Videographer Logo

Our favorite logo design of theirs doesn’t include an octocopter. Instead the logo is more abstract. We represent the aerial videography with an object flying high into the clouds. We’ve then styled this “object” to look like a play button, thus communicating that this company makes videos from high in the sky.


Weekly Logo Roundup 23

July 13th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Isn’t it amazing how seven days can feel like a blink of an eye when you’ve been very busy? It was a hectic week, but everyone on the Little Guy Logos team has been looking forward to the big reveal of the 23rd weekly roundup of logos. This list includes logo designs that we’re sure to catch your fancy and enthrall our fellow designers into putting their best foot forward and let their works be counted among the best.

BTS Carpentry

BTS is owned and managed by a skilled carpenter who designs and builds custom carpentry works for his Maryland customers.

Carpentry Logo 1

This logo design features a framework of a house built dissected into its layers. Like a piece of wood cut to reveal the grain, this design shows the intricacies of the work required in a carpentry project. Meanwhile the broad font of BTS refers to the formidable framework for any house or building that this carpentry service constructs.


Construction / Carpentry Logo 2

The color has a royal feel to it, and the beautiful wooden grain pattern is at the core of the logo. It depicts the high quality material that is used to create sound wooden works.


Slunce Solar Techology

Slunce Solar Technology is one of the largest providers of vertically integrated solar technology to residential and commercial areas. The company works in collaboration with research and development teams in universities and private institutions around the world.

Solar Logo Design

This design for the Slunce logo forms a letter S inside an image of a sun. Half of the sun is colored yellow while the other half is green. The latter refers to green technology, which uses solar energy to produce electricity. There is also almost a Ying-Yang shape there which can be seen as a symbol of harmony and balance.


Energy Company Logo 2

This logo design for Slunce Solar Technology has a star, or more particularly our Sun. It seems to be moving forward which suggests the concept of “future”. The bright colors naturally mean a bright future, which is the outlook Slunce has about the trends in solar technology. We like this logo because of its balanced appearance and the technical-looking font.


Discovered Intelligence Inc.

Discovered Intelligence is a provider of data intelligence services for small and large businesses. Their services include innovative solutions in big data management, data integration, security intelligence, asset intelligence, and operational intelligence.

IT Company Logo

This logo design features a small maze in reference to the kind of service the company provides. There is a lot of technology out there for a company to collect, and analyzing all the data is an arduous task without the proper tools and systems. Discovered Intelligence helps make sense of the data to find the intelligence. That’s why we thought that a maze was appropriate. It also doubles as a bullseye (notice that the walls and paths are the same width, and there’s a clear center). Again, this is just another way of suggesting that DI hits the target.


Tech Company Logo 2

This logo has a pie chart in the design as reference to Big Data and data intelligence services. A pie chart, like any other chart or graph is a way of making sense of data. And again we have the concept of a bullseye, though more subtly in this design.


Tech Company Logo 3

In this version of the IT company’s logo, the design uses the letters D and I to represent data gathering and management. The individual pieces, while meaningless by themselves create a clear meaning when combined all together (ie, the little blocks create the “I”)


Weekly Logo Roundup 20

June 22nd, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

It’s time once again to gather a nice set of logos designed to catch the eye, awaken the senses, and clearly represent the client’s core business without words. Check out the following list of logo designs for our 20th weekly roundup.

California Power Cooperative

Used to be known as the San Francisco Energy Co-op, the organization is rebranding itself as the California Power Cooperative or CPC.

Electrical Company Logo 1

As part of their efforts in rebranding their cooperative, the CPC wanted a logo that best represents their goals for the community. In this logo design, the negative space represents a glowing light bulb. It is surrounded by a halo of red-orange rays of light. It combines the concept of sun energy with the most recognized electrical device – the lightbulb! It refers to the solar power generation aims of the cooperative.


Electrical Company Logo 2

In this design of the CPC logo, the image consists of a streak of lightning representing electricity seen on the foreground against a leaf with halves painted in orange and green as the background. It refers to CPC’s initiative to provide power to the community through sustainable green energy.


Full Stack Partners

Full Stack Partners is a consulting services for hedge funds & buy-side institutions.

Software Company Logo 1

The design for the Full Stack Partners logo features two human-like figures placed stacked one on top of the other. The logo emphasizes the role of talented people in developing web applications and providing much needed professional support on projects.


Software Company Logo 2

This logo design for a web apps development and consulting company features two human-like figures facing each other and holding each other’s hands. It’s supposed to represent the team work and camaraderie between the customers and the company. Their hands form to create a perfect square, which we meant as a completed piece (a completed project) with no flaws.


JEM Editing

This professional editing service is owned and operated by Jessica E. Marshallsay, hence the acronym JEM in the company name. She does editorial work on academic research papers, dissertations or theses, book manuscripts, and grant proposals. Check out her portfolio and hire her to help you with your next publication.

Editing Company Logo

This workmark design for a professional editor plays on the concept of “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.”, but we didn’t need to tell you that, you probably saw it right away!