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Logo Design for Small Businesses and Larger Companies

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We’ve designed a lot of logos for various companies and businesses over the years. Here are some of them:

Weekly Logo Roundup 28

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If we’re on the 28th week of our logo roundup, then we’re seven months into this tradition of giving recognition to the best and brightest works in logo design. For this week’s selection, the Little Guys Logo team has unmasked the following six logos that have simple and clean designs that are both expressive and engaging.

ABX Construction

ABX Construction has a team of expert able to consult or assist in areas of carpentry, stonemasonry, and other professional building services. They are available for immediate deployment to construction or renovation jobs for residential and commercial clients. They also offer their years of knowledge and expertise for consultation jobs.

Construction Company Logo

The client specifically asked for the ABX Construction company logo to have the same colors as the Facebook logo. In this design for the corporate logo, a continuous strip of metal that’s been painted steel blue (light) on one side and navy blue (dark) on the other was folded together into a square version of the Mobius strip. Because you’ll never know at what point this seemingly endless strip started or ended, this configuration serves as a stable framework for building formidable houses and skyscrapers.


Construction Company Logo 2

In this variation of the corporate logo design, the company name’s acronym ABX is printed in a stylized font laid against a block of blue and spotlighted from above. The letter A has no bar in the middle and its left leg has been extended beyond the block. Meanwhile, the letter X has its right arm following a continuously straight line beyond the blue square background with rounded corners.


Pacific Paper

Pacific Paper is an international trading company that directly imports ready-made paper products and sells them through its network of retailers. The firm is also a wholesaler of all-natural wood pulp and uses this raw material to produce its own brand of stationery papers, lined pads, notebooks, and stick-on notes.

Import Business Logo

The product logo design for Pacific Paper was inspired by happy childhood memories of playing with paper boats after a heavy downpour. The logo has been stylized to look like it’s entirely made out of paper. The neon yellow paper for the shinning sun, the layered cutouts for the ocean, and of course a paper boat. As a kid that’s all you needed (if that) to imagine that this paper boat has been sailing by the sandy shores of a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.


Leopard Data

Leopard Data builds custom information systems that gather, track, protect, and analyze data for its commercial and industrial clients. These custom information systems have various functions in accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), document management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other areas of business or industrial operations.

IT Company Logo Design 1

In this conceptual design for an IT company logo, the silhouette of a leaping leopard is constructed out of triangles in different shapes and shades of blue. The image looks like an animal configuration in Tangram, which is a challenging Chinese puzzle that uses flat wooden pieces that have been cut into triangles and trapezoids of various exact sizes. The pieces are meant to precisely fit together to form the desired shape.


IT Company Logo Design 2

This design concept for the Leopard Data logo features a leopard’s eye, but where you’d expect to see the triangle for the light, you see a cursor point. The lighting effects moves the viewer’s focus from the cat’s eye down to the stylized text of the company name from left to right. The leopard’s eye represents the company keeping an eye on/looking after their clients information system.


Buddies Burger Bar

Buddies is family-style restaurant that serves stomach-filling meaty burgers with hand-cut fries on the side and cold beverages.

Restaurant/Burger Joint Logo

This logo design for Buddies Burger Bar takes their customers to the 40s and 50s with this retro design. That’s when local burger joints were largely popular among blue-collar workers and their families as dining spots to grab a hearty but inexpensive meal as well as dating spots for starry-eyed young lovers. The seal is actually a bottle-cap which again is appropriate for the Coca Cola craze of that time period.


Weekly Logo Roundup 23

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Isn’t it amazing how seven days can feel like a blink of an eye when you’ve been very busy? It was a hectic week, but everyone on the Little Guy Logos team has been looking forward to the big reveal of the 23rd weekly roundup of logos. This list includes logo designs that we’re sure to catch your fancy and enthrall our fellow designers into putting their best foot forward and let their works be counted among the best.

BTS Carpentry

BTS is owned and managed by a skilled carpenter who designs and builds custom carpentry works for his Maryland customers.

Carpentry Logo 1

This logo design features a framework of a house built dissected into its layers. Like a piece of wood cut to reveal the grain, this design shows the intricacies of the work required in a carpentry project. Meanwhile the broad font of BTS refers to the formidable framework for any house or building that this carpentry service constructs.


Construction / Carpentry Logo 2

The color has a royal feel to it, and the beautiful wooden grain pattern is at the core of the logo. It depicts the high quality material that is used to create sound wooden works.


Slunce Solar Techology

Slunce Solar Technology is one of the largest providers of vertically integrated solar technology to residential and commercial areas. The company works in collaboration with research and development teams in universities and private institutions around the world.

Solar Logo Design

This design for the Slunce logo forms a letter S inside an image of a sun. Half of the sun is colored yellow while the other half is green. The latter refers to green technology, which uses solar energy to produce electricity. There is also almost a Ying-Yang shape there which can be seen as a symbol of harmony and balance.


Energy Company Logo 2

This logo design for Slunce Solar Technology has a star, or more particularly our Sun. It seems to be moving forward which suggests the concept of “future”. The bright colors naturally mean a bright future, which is the outlook Slunce has about the trends in solar technology. We like this logo because of its balanced appearance and the technical-looking font.


Discovered Intelligence Inc.

Discovered Intelligence is a provider of data intelligence services for small and large businesses. Their services include innovative solutions in big data management, data integration, security intelligence, asset intelligence, and operational intelligence.

IT Company Logo

This logo design features a small maze in reference to the kind of service the company provides. There is a lot of technology out there for a company to collect, and analyzing all the data is an arduous task without the proper tools and systems. Discovered Intelligence helps make sense of the data to find the intelligence. That’s why we thought that a maze was appropriate. It also doubles as a bullseye (notice that the walls and paths are the same width, and there’s a clear center). Again, this is just another way of suggesting that DI hits the target.


Tech Company Logo 2

This logo has a pie chart in the design as reference to Big Data and data intelligence services. A pie chart, like any other chart or graph is a way of making sense of data. And again we have the concept of a bullseye, though more subtly in this design.


Tech Company Logo 3

In this version of the IT company’s logo, the design uses the letters D and I to represent data gathering and management. The individual pieces, while meaningless by themselves create a clear meaning when combined all together (ie, the little blocks create the “I”)