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Weekly Logo Roundup 42

November 23rd, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Good day, folks! Once again we’ve got together to bring you this Saturday’s lineup of logo designs we find interesting and fashionable. The logos are diverse but all somehow have a similar shade of green.

Pikture Perfect

Pikture Perfect provides professional photography for parties and corporate events.

Photographer Logo

The logo design for a professional photographer has two P’s facing each other. They form the outside of the camera, with the lens linked to them in the center.


Photographer Logo 2

This logo design for Pikture Perfect has several cameras fanned out like a deck of cards. Their different colors represent experience in the industry. Whatever the occasion, subject or location, Pikture Perfect will make it, well, perfect!


Action Assist First Aid

Action Assist provides CPR and First Aid Training programs to professionals and students.

Medical Logo

The logo design for Action Assist has four human-like figures linked with each other and forming a cross that’s similar to the emergency cross. The use of people and the cross indicates people working together in a moment of crisis or emergency.


Groovy Organix

Groovy Organix is a skin care company that uses organic ingredients in their products.

Skin Care Company Logo

This logo design for a skin care company has leaves and a purple blossom with a yellow center growing out of the text. The second word is in green to emphasize the organic ingredients in the skin care products they produce. The whole logo has a retro vibe to it that our client requested.


Skin Care Company Logo 2

In this logo design, the letter X for ‘Organix’ is turned into a purple flower with a yellow center. The green color for ‘Groovy’ and the green stem growing out of the purple blossom refers to the organic ingredients in the skin care products the company produces. Meanwhile the typography creates the retro/hippie vibe that our client wanted.


Weekly Logo Roundup 33

September 21st, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

What a lovely Saturday morning, folks! As is our habit, we at Little Guy Logos have selected our most fantastic logo designs from these past seven days. Now, we’re ready to show them to you here in our little corner of the Internet. Have a look-see and be inspired!

Blue Roman Media

Blue Roman Media is a marketing and promotion media company that offers video production, photography and web design services to small and mid-sized businesses. They shoot music videos, TV commercials, and even short films. They also offer high-quality custom designs for websites and print media.

Media Company Logo

This design for the Blue Roman Media logo features a camera lens in shades of blue and green. Beneath the image of a round lens is a block of text bearing the company name.


Pure Health and Wellness

Our client is a colon hydrotherapist who runs her own clinic in Ventura, California. Her website’s name is Pure Health and Wellness, which is the subject of the logo design.

Medical Company Logo

The logo features a soft pink peony flower living in a makeshift vase, which is a small mason jar filled with water. This particular design has no meaning to us, but it was specifically requested by our client. Though we don’t know the personal significance of the peony, we really liked this design and wanted to share it with you (though we liked the other two designs, those did not make it to our blog, but one of them is on our client’s site).


I Went 2 Africa

I Went 2 Africa is a travel blog of an intrepid traveler’s personal stories about exploring the African continent, its geography and cultural diversity, and capturing images of its wildly fascinating flora and fauna.

Travel Blog Logo

The logo design for this travel blog shows the continent of Africa as a forest green shape beside the stylized text. A small plane is seen flying above and as it flies it covers the territory. This design is meant to represent a complete trip, with half of the African continent explored, and the other half yet to be discovered.


Travel Logo Design

This design for the Africa-centric travel blog shows the African continent in its entirety, with a dotted outline and a light green fill.  The green is for “go”, as in go an a trip, go exploring. Meanwhile the dotted line has a clear beginning and end. It represents a complete, all-encompassing exploration of this beautiful continent.


Weekly Logo Roundup 32

September 14th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Saturdays are fun days at Little Guy Logos! It’s the day of the week when we reflect on our work and select the best logo designs from the previous work week.  For our 32nd weekly roundup of logos, here are six entries that mesmerized us from the get-go.

Back Office Express

Back Office Express is an accounting firm that provides small and mid-sized enterprises the professional expertise and experience in managing their financial accounts, preparing their monthly and annual financial reports,and putting their books in order before tax season and for annual audits.

Accounting Company Logo

The logo design for this accounting firm features a green piggy bank riding a speeding cloud. The piggy bank and its green hue represent the company’s skillful management of their clientele’s money, including the protection of their savings and investments. The speeding cloud refers to bookkeeping in the cloud and to the word ‘EXPRESS’ in the company name.


Skin Medic

Skin Medic is an online resource for everything related to skin cancer, including research and prevention tips from medical experts.

Medical Company Logo 2

Originally the pink ribbon was used to represent one’s support for breast cancer research and awareness. Now, it serves as a global symbol for fighting all types of cancer and educating people on preventive measures and available medical treatments. In this Skin Medic logo, we used that pink ribbon to communicate that this online resource is focused on topics that cover skin cancer treatment and prevention.


Medical Company Logo 3

The design concept for this Skin Medic logo was inspired by scientific research that proved a long exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays has been the primary cause for skin cancer. Inside the image of a yellow sun is a negative-space design a human face, which is cradled gently by a hand. The hand cradling the person represents care and support. It is the aim of Skin Medical’s experts to provide care and support, and we think this logo is excellent at representing those concepts.


A Dose of Daphne

A Dose of Daphne is the professional website of a nutrition and fitness coach based in Austin, Texas. She teaches people about macronutrient counting, meal planning and preparations, and other techniques that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Some of these techniques will even help the readers save time and money, while they pursue their fitness goals.

Nutrition Consulting Logo

The design for this consulting logo features a heart-shaped blue apple, glazed with evenly spaced stripes . The apple refers to the common adage that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The glazing while looking delicious, also visually divides the apple into equal parts, suggestive of counting the nutrients in each meal.


Nutrition Consulting Logo 2

This logo design is a play on the blog’s name.  This piece of cake refers to the controlled portion (dose) and placing the text inside the cake reminds you that with Daphne as your nutrition and fitness coach you’ll still be able to eat delicious food while hitting your goals.


Nutrition Consulting Fitness Logo

This variation of the logo design for A Dose of Daphne uses subdued hues, specifically a pale tint of yellow-green and a creamy shade of white. A human figure in yellow green has its arms raised and legs spread wide to express happiness and to display an abundance of energy. A shining sun behind the figure meant he or she is ready to tackle each day’s challenges. You can check it out on the A Dose of Daphne‘s website.


Weekly Logo Roundup 26

August 3rd, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Don’t you love these warm, sunny summer weekends? It’s the best time to lounge around on a porch swing or in a hammock under the shade of an oak or elm tree in your yard. With a cold glass of something in your hand, you can finally finish reading that stack of paperback novels on your bedside table.

And, do you know what everyone else has been anticipating on weekends this summer? Well, it’s none other than the weekly roundup of logos that the Little Guy Logos team have carefully handpicked for you. Look over the following five logo designs and admire them at your leisure.

Getting Started with Apps

Getting Started with Apps is the name of a website and eBook filled with informative content on mobile apps development.  The full title is “Getting Started With Apps: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your First How to Program Book”  and its currently being sold via the author’s Amazon store.

App Mobile Logo

Designed to look good as a website header and as an eBook cover, this logo makes use of several light and cool colors, like sky blue and lime green. The big “G” with a white fill is prominent against a layered background of multicolored rectangles. Those rectangles represent both the various smart phone devices and the various apps that can be run on them. The word “Started” is green like the street lights – green means go!


The Better Probiotic

The Better Probiotic company makes probiotic products under the GudGut brand using a proprietary formula that “makes sense” based on the latest scientific research.

Medical Product Logo 1

This black-and-white design for The Better Probiotic has a strong scientific appeal. This design can also be used as an official seal of authenticity on any GudGut product.


Medical Product Logo Design 2

This logo design prominently features two abstract human figures. They represent that this product doesn’t favor one gender over the other, but that it is designed to work regardless of the sex of the customer. The characters pose and the leaf garments that they wear make you think of the world’s most famous couple – Adam and Eve. In the end, our client chose one of our “more serious” designs, but the Little Guy Logos team took a strong liking to this friendlier abstract design.


Morphine Milkshake

Morphine Milkshake is a website that publishes astute gambling advice on different sports teams in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. The site also posts Mock Drafts, interesting posts from sports blogs, and crazy entertaining articles involving the world of sports.  The client wanted a funny, interesting, and trendy logo design for the website.

Website Logo 1

This logo design for a sports-oriented website playfully makes a tall cup of milkshake topped with whipped cream as its focal point. The milkshake is inside a red stamp or seal with the website’s name in white big letters around the edges. The rodeo-style font and the two stars gave this logo a Wild Wild West look.


Website Logo 2

This design for the Morphine Milkshake logo features an upended tumbler of a lime green beverage, which is presumably the “out of this world” milkshake that’s been fortified with a shot of morphine. A red ribbon that’s been printed with the website’s name in white bold letters is seen wrapped around the tumbler while the frothy beverage is poured down, and appears to “launch” the glass into the sky like a rocket.


Weekly Logo Roundup 14

May 11th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

How was your week, folks? It’s been a busy one for all of us here at Little Guy Logos, and we’ve got a nice set of logo designs for our 14th weekly roundup. So, which of these beauties do you like?

NHG Pty Ltd

NHG is an IT systems company that provides consultation and does contractual work mostly in the areas of Radiation Oncology (i.e. cancer treatment using radiation-emitting devices), aviation and general business.

Cancer Imaging Clinic Logo

The design makes use of the globally recognized cancer symbol – the ribbon. It was originally in pink and first used as a symbol for breast cancer. The three arcs in orange, gray and blue represent digital imaging for medical purposes. The ribbon has a double meaning – it’s also a person. And with his hands in the air, the person is rejoicing, because he is protected from cancer by the NHG’s technology.


MaskCraft Leather Art

MaskCraft –  an online Etsy shop, makes custom leather creations such as moleskin covers and pocket pendants.

Leather Craft Logo

The logo design makes use of a tanned hide as background for the company name. The stitching, and color makes it look like it’s leather that’s being worked on. This design also looks great in a single-color, which makes it more versatile for our client to use. It can just as easily be burned or stamped into their leather works, as it can be displayed digitally.


Leather Craft Logo 2

In this variation of the Mask Craft logo, the design is in the shape of a medallion while the color remains a dull shade of brown with hints of pink. Two mallets form a cross above the stylized text. Maybe surprisingly, those are necessary tools for leather works.


Lacey McCutchen

Lacey is an experienced wildlife veterinary nurse. She has traveled to many parts of the world where her expertise were needed, and she wanted a logo design for her personal blog.

Veterinary Blog Logo Design

This custom logo design represents the kind of work that Lacey McCutcheon does for nature and wildlife reserves. The blue background has silhouette figures of wild animals, like the elephant, giraffe and lion. It suggests exotic places, as opposed to the environment you would think of, if you were to see images of domesticated or farm animals. The blue represents the sky, and the green represents the ground. The slight curve, besides being making the logo friendlier, also suggests traveling across the world.


Veterinary Blog Logo 2

In this design for Lacey McCutchen, a suitcase is used to communicate travel, while the silhouetted figures of wild animals on it again suggest the exotic destinations.


Weekly Logo Roundup 4

March 2nd, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

This was a fun week. So many exciting new companies, and a lot of them not what you’d call “little guys”. Then again, maybe we’re just looking down the road, when these companies will be HUGE!

Oak Bay

Here we begin with a custom logo for a medical clinic.

Medical Clinic Logo Design 1

The logo is a clever combination of an oak leaf and something with a nautical theme – a sail. The logo is quite minimalistic and makes a great watermark (especially on the letterheads we designed later for this medical clinic).
oak bay clinic custom logo design

Medical Clinic Logo Design 2

And here’s the same idea, but executed a bit differently. Now the logo has some extra elements and “more sail”. The oak leaf meanwhile almost acts like the sail’s reflection in the water.
oak bay clinic custom logo design 2

Noyo Arts

Here’s a company that patronizes the arts, and has a great future ahead of it. It provides trendy, avant-garde and fashionable people with a premium urban photography, media and events experience.

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 1

This was probably our favourite logo. The camera lens is there, the corner markers force your eye to focus, while reminding you that this is what photography is all about – aiming at that scene before it changes into something else and capturing it. The font is modern and meets the requirements our client set out for us.
photography custom logo design 1

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 2

Or maybe this was our favourite. The element of photography is anything but subtle here, with an image of a camera on a tripod that simultaneously represents the letter “A”. That whole tripod profile view of the camera suggested vintage, and we thought that was cool.
photography custom logo design 2

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 3

Client liked version 2 of the logo, but wanted it to be a bit more modern. Here’s one of the revisions along its way of becoming the final logo that’s in use by our client now. It looks more modern, and without the camera, or any imagery really, the Noyo Arts is not pigeonholed into anything, and can evolve as the company grows.
photography custom logo design 3
Here’s the Noyo Arts website, go buy some art!


Finally here’s another project that we really enjoyed. It’s a logo for a hip bakery. Everything is done with muffins, muffins that have crazy flavours like Pizza and French Toast!

Bakery Logo Design 1

Even though we’ve done a few more traditional designs as well, the only ones we wanted to share are these minimalistic designs. We love them and hopefully you do too!
If you’re in the area, grab a bite. Here’s their site:


Kander Medical – Business Logo Case Study

October 11th, 2012 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Here’s a logo we enjoyed doing. It’s for a medical company that’s expanding and rolling out with a solid product in a niche market. Naturally to win customer confidence they need to look the part.

Instructions were fairly straight forward, though without a clear direction.

Kander Medical is a medical device company that sells products to men who suffer from urinary incontinence…

The theme of incontinence (inability to retain urine) could be used, but would have to be done in a respectful and appropriate manner. This is not a must, only a suggestion.

Appealing logo forms include letterform (motorola, univision), wordform (IBM, FedEx), or possibly something more abstract.

This logo will be used on the company website (which is still to be created), letterhead, business cards, and other misc. locations, so it needs to scale well. It may also be printed in black and white at times.

Since this is a sensitive issue for many men around the world, we wanted our logo to communicate confidence in the product and discretion. That meant avoiding wild colours, and choosing rich and deep colours instead. Overall we felt that a conservative logo was the way to go with medical symbolism. In addition to the above logo, we delivered these:

Logo Version 2


Logo Version 3

But then we thought some, and decided to deliver a more humorous design. We would like to think that men with this unfortunate condition have the wisdom to treat it with a bit of humour, but that may be just wishful thinking.

Logo Version 4 – With a Bit of Humour

Our client reviewed them all, and requested the following:

I like the concept for version 2. However, I would like a few changes:

– Could you match the blue color to the color in the ActiCuf logo exactly? See ActiCuf logo attachment.
– The black and blue aren’t working well together. Would you please change the black to be a medium gray? See the background color of this website [site url removed]
– I like the “+” sign, but it’s not quite prominent enough. Would you please make it bigger per the attached sketch?
– What font did you use for “Kander Medical?” It is good, I’m just curious.
– Would you please provide color as well as b/w files for the next review, and use pure white as a background.

In addition to the ActiCuf colour, our client attached a great drawing; showing exactly what he wanted us to do.


Easy instructions mean a quicker turnaround, so we promptly delivered:

Logo Revision


Another client got a sweet logo made by Little Guy Logos. It’s on to the next project for us…

Meanwhile if you’d like to find out more about the company, here’s a bit from the big boss:

Kander Medical is a company that manufactures and sells medical devices to men with urinary incontinence to help them manage their condition. Two million men in the United States experience loss of bladder control from disease or injury that results in involuntary urine leakage. Incontinence is an unfortunate condition that can at times cause social embarrassment and generally decrease someone’s quality of life. Kander Medical’s main product is called “ActiCuf Compression Pouch,” which is a combination penile clamp and absorbent attachment. Kander Medical’s mission is to help incontinence patients return to their active and fulfilling lifestyles.