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Weekly Logo Roundup 52

February 15th, 2014 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Over the past 52 weeks we probably shared close to 300 designs with you, and those you can still check out on our site, but we plan to showoff our new designs on our Little Guy Logos Facebook page and on various off-site portfolios and logo critique communities that we recently joined.

Weekly Logo Roundup 22

July 6th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

How was your week, folks? It’s been a lovely summer for us here at Little Guy Logos. For the 22nd weekly roundup of logos, we came up with six beautifully crafted designs meant to attract people’s attention and communicate to them a core message about the business or person that the logo represents.

Black Dog Brew Works

This microbrewery crafts the world-famous Black Dog beers from pale ale to golden hops.

Beer Brewery Logo

This logo design for a Black Dog brewery naturally features dark silhouettes of dogs. The wreath suggests prestige, and is reminiscent of Ancient Greece’s way of recognizing the cream of the crop, so to speak.


Beer Brewery Logo 2

This logo design for Black Dog Brew Works uses the dark silhouette of a dog and the wreath as a mark of excellence in quality. Behind the dog the foam is foaming up as the beer brews.


Ella Cafe

Ella Cafe serves cup after cup of delicious coffee to customers looking for a nice and comfortable place to relax. Like other coffee shops, Ella serves different types of caffeinated beverages, including latte, cappuccino, and espresso.

Coffee Shop Logo 1

This logo design highlights the artistry of baristas preparing latte with cream. The logo has Ella Cafe drawn across a cup’s cream-topped coffee as seen from above.


Coffee Shop Logo 2

In this design for the Ella Cafe logo, only the steaming coffee and the cup’s shadow are filled in. The cup of coffee looks like its there with this negative space design, and it’s been topped with swirls of chocolate syrup to look that much more delicious.


Good Dog Rising

Based in Carlisle, PA, the Good Dog Rising training center teaches good behavior to dogs and works with shelters and animal rescue groups to rehabilitate abused and neglected pets.

Pet Logo 1

This logo design has a silhouette of a dog twirling a bone like a baton. The baton twirling is a humorous take on dog obediently marching to the rhythm its owner sets.


Pet Logo 2

This design for the Good Dog Rising logo features a red paw print surrounded by orange rays of light. It represents the rising sun (and the walk that’s soon to follow). This symbol also looks like a seal of excellence your kids might have brought home from school for their achievements or good behavior. Similarly it’s an award of excellence for Good Dog Rising as well.