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Logo Design for Small Businesses and Larger Companies

August 9th, 2015 Posted by Logo Examples No Comment yet

We’ve designed a lot of logos for various companies and businesses over the years. Here are some of them:

Weekly Logo Roundup 4

March 2nd, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

This was a fun week. So many exciting new companies, and a lot of them not what you’d call “little guys”. Then again, maybe we’re just looking down the road, when these companies will be HUGE!

Oak Bay

Here we begin with a custom logo for a medical clinic.

Medical Clinic Logo Design 1

The logo is a clever combination of an oak leaf and something with a nautical theme – a sail. The logo is quite minimalistic and makes a great watermark (especially on the letterheads we designed later for this medical clinic).
oak bay clinic custom logo design

Medical Clinic Logo Design 2

And here’s the same idea, but executed a bit differently. Now the logo has some extra elements and “more sail”. The oak leaf meanwhile almost acts like the sail’s reflection in the water.
oak bay clinic custom logo design 2

Noyo Arts

Here’s a company that patronizes the arts, and has a great future ahead of it. It provides trendy, avant-garde and fashionable people with a premium urban photography, media and events experience.

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 1

This was probably our favourite logo. The camera lens is there, the corner markers force your eye to focus, while reminding you that this is what photography is all about – aiming at that scene before it changes into something else and capturing it. The font is modern and meets the requirements our client set out for us.
photography custom logo design 1

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 2

Or maybe this was our favourite. The element of photography is anything but subtle here, with an image of a camera on a tripod that simultaneously represents the letter “A”. That whole tripod profile view of the camera suggested vintage, and we thought that was cool.
photography custom logo design 2

Photography & Entertainment Industry Logo Design 3

Client liked version 2 of the logo, but wanted it to be a bit more modern. Here’s one of the revisions along its way of becoming the final logo that’s in use by our client now. It looks more modern, and without the camera, or any imagery really, the Noyo Arts is not pigeonholed into anything, and can evolve as the company grows.
photography custom logo design 3
Here’s the Noyo Arts website, go buy some art!


Finally here’s another project that we really enjoyed. It’s a logo for a hip bakery. Everything is done with muffins, muffins that have crazy flavours like Pizza and French Toast!

Bakery Logo Design 1

Even though we’ve done a few more traditional designs as well, the only ones we wanted to share are these minimalistic designs. We love them and hopefully you do too!
If you’re in the area, grab a bite. Here’s their site:

Weekly Logo Roundup 2 – So long and thanks for all the fish!

February 16th, 2013 Posted by Logo Examples No Comment yet

Here are some of our favourite logos for the week. Carrying on with the trend from last week we’ve got another tech company in communications (we really enjoyed designing that logo) and a logo project for a photographer.

ALM Communications

Here’s a company that installs, upgrades, reconfigures or removes RF equipment for mobile phone carries. This means that the company owner is in a shelter on the ground or on top of a building in the city hanging over the edge installing new antennas.

Because of his quirky sense of humour (self-described), the company owner was drawn to some of the fun and unexpected logos we’ve done (like this plumbing logo here), and wanted something with a similar feel.

Communications Logo 1

Here’s the logo that was ultimately chosen. Remember that can-telephone game you played as a kid? Well here’s a logo with that concept. For a company that deals with very serious technology, this logo is unexpected and certainly memorable.
alm-communication-custom logo design-3

Communications Logo 2

When dealing with the theme of communication, we thought of outer space communications and the SETI project. This logo is not only friendly, but also suggests that ALM Communication can handle signals from far reaches of space.
alm-communication-custom logo design-2

Communications Logo 3

And here’s another quirky logo. While you might see dolphins as intelligent mammals with sophisticated signal patterns of communication (they totally are by the way), we envisioned this logo with a Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy vibe to it (yup. We’re all fans here). So long and thanks for all the fish!
alm-communication-custom logo design-3

Photography Logo 1

We do a bit of logos for photographers. Usually they are used for watermarking the photos, sometimes as profiles for social media sites, often on business cards. Here’s one version of a photography logo we’ve done for Adam JD Photography.
adam-jd-photography-custom logo design-1

Photography Logo 2

And here’s another logo we did for Adam JD Photography. Not Adam’s favourite, but it was ours.
adam-jd-photography-custom logo design-2

3 Violon

3 Violon is a Swiss skiing team. They handle the toughest slopes, so they wanted a tough looking logo.

Sport team logo

The logo colors have a light to dark treatment, which added to the feel of intensity of the logo. In the middle we added 3 mountains to echo the ‘3’ in the team’s name and added a ski mask to make a tough looking skier out of this mark. The ski poles are criss-crossed to give a pirate look, again to communicate tough team persona.