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Weekly Logo Roundup 52

February 15th, 2014 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Over the past 52 weeks we probably shared close to 300 designs with you, and those you can still check out on our site, but we plan to showoff our new designs on our Little Guy Logos Facebook page and on various off-site portfolios and logo critique communities that we recently joined.

Weekly Logo Roundup 37

October 19th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Good day! Once again we’ve reached an end-of-week tradition at Little Guy Logos. It’s the 37th weekly roundup of logo designs we think are exceptional and worthy of mention.

Pure Results Nutrition

Pure Results Nutrition educates, and sells nutritional health products.

Nutrition Consulting Logo 1

There are three meaningful elements in this logo design for Pure Results Nutrition: a heart-shaped outline, a check mark, and the image of an apple. The apple represents the healthy ingredients the company uses to make their products. The heart-shaped outline refers to the love and care they put into manufacturing their products. And, the check mark means they’ve made sure the products contain all the necessary nutrition required for good health.


Wholehearted Nutrition

The aim of Wholehearted Nutrition is to provide nutrition advice that promotes healthy eating. Its back-to-basics philosophy is based on consumption of natural, whole foods.

Nutrition Consulting Design

In this logo design for Wholehearted Nutrition, three elements play a vital role in advancing the company’s philosophy on healthy eating. These elements are the apple, the heart, and the empowered human figure. The apple serves as a general symbol for good nutrition, while the heart is the passion and discipline that is required to make any healthy diet work. Finally, the human figure in the logo represents the individual to which a healthy diet is customized so it abides with the nutritional needs of the person in question.


Cambridge Paris Floorball Club

Cambridge Paris Floorball Club is a local floorball club.

CPFC Logo Design

The design for the CPFC logo is simple, but meaningful. The sport is played with an “air” ball that’s similar to a golf ball, but full  of little holes. The ball is seen shooting fast into the air in this modern sports seal.


Lovely Korean Fashion

Lovely Korean Fashion is an online shop selling the hottest fashion from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Lovely Korean Fashion Logo

The logo for this online shop has a ‘kawaii’ quality that’s common in Asian design. A pink shopping bag is used as an emblem because the store caters to a largely female market. Our client wanted to see a butterfly added to the design, so we subtly turned the bag’s handles into butterfly wings.


Halifax Seasonal Sunrooms

Halifax Seasonal Sunrooms sells the Solarium Optimum brand of sunrooms. These structures are either permanent or freestanding installations with opaque roofs and clear glass walls.

Halifax Logo

The logo design for Halifax features a portion of a sunroom with glass walls and the light of the sun behind it. It’s a direct reference to the product they’re selling.


Weekly Logo Roundup 26

August 3rd, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Don’t you love these warm, sunny summer weekends? It’s the best time to lounge around on a porch swing or in a hammock under the shade of an oak or elm tree in your yard. With a cold glass of something in your hand, you can finally finish reading that stack of paperback novels on your bedside table.

And, do you know what everyone else has been anticipating on weekends this summer? Well, it’s none other than the weekly roundup of logos that the Little Guy Logos team have carefully handpicked for you. Look over the following five logo designs and admire them at your leisure.

Getting Started with Apps

Getting Started with Apps is the name of a website and eBook filled with informative content on mobile apps development.  The full title is “Getting Started With Apps: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your First How to Program Book”  and its currently being sold via the author’s Amazon store.

App Mobile Logo

Designed to look good as a website header and as an eBook cover, this logo makes use of several light and cool colors, like sky blue and lime green. The big “G” with a white fill is prominent against a layered background of multicolored rectangles. Those rectangles represent both the various smart phone devices and the various apps that can be run on them. The word “Started” is green like the street lights – green means go!


The Better Probiotic

The Better Probiotic company makes probiotic products under the GudGut brand using a proprietary formula that “makes sense” based on the latest scientific research.

Medical Product Logo 1

This black-and-white design for The Better Probiotic has a strong scientific appeal. This design can also be used as an official seal of authenticity on any GudGut product.


Medical Product Logo Design 2

This logo design prominently features two abstract human figures. They represent that this product doesn’t favor one gender over the other, but that it is designed to work regardless of the sex of the customer. The characters pose and the leaf garments that they wear make you think of the world’s most famous couple – Adam and Eve. In the end, our client chose one of our “more serious” designs, but the Little Guy Logos team took a strong liking to this friendlier abstract design.


Morphine Milkshake

Morphine Milkshake is a website that publishes astute gambling advice on different sports teams in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. The site also posts Mock Drafts, interesting posts from sports blogs, and crazy entertaining articles involving the world of sports.  The client wanted a funny, interesting, and trendy logo design for the website.

Website Logo 1

This logo design for a sports-oriented website playfully makes a tall cup of milkshake topped with whipped cream as its focal point. The milkshake is inside a red stamp or seal with the website’s name in white big letters around the edges. The rodeo-style font and the two stars gave this logo a Wild Wild West look.


Website Logo 2

This design for the Morphine Milkshake logo features an upended tumbler of a lime green beverage, which is presumably the “out of this world” milkshake that’s been fortified with a shot of morphine. A red ribbon that’s been printed with the website’s name in white bold letters is seen wrapped around the tumbler while the frothy beverage is poured down, and appears to “launch” the glass into the sky like a rocket.


Weekly Logo Roundup 9

April 6th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Wow! I can’t believe nine weeks of hustling and bustling have already gone by. The world of design seems to run on a different clock entirely. Despite the craving for caffeine and the insurmountable sleep deprivation, onward we creatives go!


And, the roundup of logo designs that we really, really like continues…

The C Word

Don’t know what you were thinking here, but the word here is “candles”. It might be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s certainly memorable. This is a small operation that makes and sells 100% hand poured pure soy candles, but they’re growing and wanted a well-made logo for their next big step.

Product Logo

A logo with a clean and simple design contributes to effective branding. People recall a short and simple phrase, like The C Word. The overlapping shapes add movement to the “C” and we like that because that’s what to us represents a small dancing flame.


Soy Candles Product Logo 2

We liked the 2 parts of the “C” coming together. And the rough edges make it look natural rather than mechanical. The symbol has a clearly legible “C” which is the most memorable part of the company name, and it has a natural look to it, that’ representative of their manufacturing product and the materials they use.  The logo can also be seen as shaped and painted like half of a candle, and we like that about this design.


Soy Candles Product Logo 3

In this variation of the product logo, the letter “C” is even more suggestive of a flame. It looks alive, and you might think that if you blow on it, it will move.


Bodimorph Fitness

The owner requested a custom logo for Bodimorph – a health and fitness Facebook page out of Australia.

Fitness Logo Design

The logo design consists of a man’s silhouette in navy blue surrounded by thick lines of steel blue. The lines represent the excess layers of fat around the body that are being shed. The underlying message was that those layers of fat can be dissolved and hammered into shape through Bodimorph’s health and fitness tips and advice.



Groupets is a pet food and pet supplies shop based in Canada. They sell food and snacks, toys, grooming products, and other items that pets would want or need.

Pet Shop Corporate Logo Design

Even though our client requested and ultimately chose a design similar to the design we’ve done (check out that logo case study here), this design was our personal favorite.

We like this logo design, because it looks like it shines the spotlight on the animals – and that’s what the company is all about. There’s another imagery at play here; the green and blue are common colors to use when drawing the world, and the various animal silhouettes communicate that Groupets provides products for all kinds of animals found on earth.


Weekly Logo Roundup 8

March 30th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

And, we’re now on the eighth week of our logo roundup! Number 8 reminds us so much of the Mobius strip or the symbol for infinity. This week’s parade of remarkable logo designs is for companies that are exceptional. They are in niche markets and you probably wouldn’t be able to think of a related company if we place you on the spot. We had no idea that these markets existed and this week we were really excited to learn!


This one is perhaps the most familiar one. It’s a company that makes antibacterial cleaning products. Their difference – it’s for use on airplanes.

Abatox Logo Design

The name itself is the brand, and it’s emphasized in this seal logo design. A green and white logo leaves a clean and orderly impression. And the friendly colour and font style makes the brand seem friendly and trustworthy. As you look at it, though there’s no face, I bet you can’t help but think that there’s someone smiling at you.


Das GlasCafe GmbH

Das GlasCafe GmbH is an online store selling beads, clasps, nylon wires, and other crafting materials. It’s also a craft shop so the logo had to appeal to people who want to be or are somewhat creative and playful. Our client wanted to see a coffee cup in the logo, because her shop is a comfortable place to be like a good coffee shop.

Cafe Logo Design

The design retains the symbolism of a multicolored coffee cup, which represents the shop’s origins as a mosaic atelier. The colors for the coffee cup mosaic have been reduced to just lime-green and fuchsia. One of the aims of the redesign was to create a clean and simple logo without losing its character.



Dobhareach is Irish for Hippo. Why a hippo? Well, why not? It’s a personal logo that’s specially designed for a geocacher (see Geocaching101 for more info), and if she wants a Hippo and her pet Scottish Terrier that follows her on these missions – then that’s exactly what she’ll get!

Geocacher Logo Design

This simple logo design has the silhouette of a running dog (client’s pet and partner) inserted between dobha and reach to communicate that her canine friend is a big part of these adventures. The main purpose for these designs was for a stamp, so we kept this design fairly straightforward, though a silhouette always adds a little mystery to a logo design. It’s also a great focal point for the logo.


Geocacher Logo Design 2

Geocaching is modern-day treasure hunting that uses technology, like a GPS device, to find a box or cache at a specified location. This variation of the geocacher’s personal logo design combines the ability of a hippo to “hide” and the talents of a good hunting dog to “seek” the hidden cache.

It’s also a cute drawing with the dog looking around for whatever it is that needs to be found.


Cheekee Monkey Nappies

The company that makes Cheekee Monkey Nappies hopes to bring back the use of cloth nappies into mainstream consciousness. The nappies are more economical to use in the long run and they’re an ecologically safer alternative to disposable diapers. The nappies have the same design as a disposable diaper with Velcro or clasps on each side. And, they’re available in different styles, such as cloth nappies that remain securely attached to the baby’s hips even while swimming.

Kids Clothing Logo Design

The name inspired the design for this product logo. No matter how active a toddler is, these cloth nappies will remain bound and wrapped around the baby’s hips and buttocks. To communicate that, we’ve designed monkeys crawling around and hanging by their tails, but still very happy because their nappies are still snug and comfortable.


Weekly Logo Roundup 6

March 16th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Do you know that the number 6 means smooth-going or well-off in Chinese numerology? Eastern-based numerology attaches positive traits, like peaceful and loving to six as a number or sixth as numerical position.

In this sixth weekly roundup of logo designs, let’s see which logos were warmly favored by Lady Luck with a little push from the most harmonious single digit number, and why we think these logos deserved to be handpicked as the best examples of graphics design this week.

Achilles Fitness

Achilles was the greatest Greek hero in the Trojan War. Since he’s one of the best warriors of Ancient Greece, it’s only right that a warrior-like figure is used for the logo. Our client wanted us to work in the style of the Johnnie Walker logo, and here are two of our favorite designs:

Achilles Fitness Logo Design 1

In this logo, the warrior grasps a long spear in his right hand while he holds a small round shield in his left hand. Although his spear’s pointed downward, the way he keeps his weapon balanced in his hand even when he’s at ease shows he never lets his guard down. He’s ready to face any challenge that comes his way.

If this warrior represents the ideal qualities of an athlete or someone in fitness training, then he’s the embodiment of physical strength, agility, speed, discipline, and mental preparedness. The chosen font pairs well with the figure of the warrior, as both the font and the figure have that sporty appearance.


While we could not make up our mind what we like better between this and the next design, it’s this logo that our client chose to represent Achilles Fitness.

Achilles Fitness Logo Design 2

This is a variation of the warrior. In this design, Achilles stands with his back to the viewer. He still grasps a long spear in his right hand while he holds a small shield in the other. His stance, however, reveals he just sidestepped an attack and is planning a counter-attack.


Alarmex Security

The company provides home security systems to businesses and residences.

Alarmex Security Company Logo

It’s a wordmark type of logo that uses a bold font for the company name. The font appears strong to communicate the strength of the company. And the graphic design in the letter A of ALARMEX is like a wall protecting the core.


H3P PlusOne System

Our client developed the H3P PlusOne System, which is as a comprehensive web application for medical personnel to use.

H3P Medical Logo

This logo makes use of a variation of the cross, which is an international symbol for the medical industry. The design uses light green and light blue to meet the company color requirements. Meanwhile the glossy edges make the logo look crystal clean and sterile.


Upcycle Alley

Our client requested a custom product logo for Upcycle Alley. She wanted a design that best represented the principle of upcycling, which does more good than recycling or reusing discarded items. This eco-friendly practice converts a useless object or materials into something useful and of greater value.

Upcycle Alley Custom Logo Design

As is the common practice with product logos, this logo design visually represents what it’s about. Essentially it’s an “upcycled” light bulb shell, turned into a small vase for a simple ornamental decor. A sprig of eucalyptus with lavender or similar plants are inserted into the bulb until they’re immersed in water; creating a very interesting decorative piece.


Our client now uses this custom product logo design for all her branding.

Custom Product Logo for Epic Squeeze

January 7th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

A product logo is just like a company logo. It has to be memorable, represent the product well, and be attractive. Our client – a successful internet entrepreneur, wanted a logo for his brainchild – Epic Squeeze.

It’s a clever plugin that empowers site owners to turn a boring landing page into an amazing landing page with full screen videos. As with any great product, he had to have a logo that would attract, and later make his offer stand out among the knock-offs that quickly imitate success.

Here are the product logos we came up with:

Custom product logo – version 2


Custom product logo – version 3


Custom product logo – version 4


Custom product logo – version 5