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Weekly Logo Roundup 28

August 17th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

If we’re on the 28th week of our logo roundup, then we’re seven months into this tradition of giving recognition to the best and brightest works in logo design. For this week’s selection, the Little Guys Logo team has unmasked the following six logos that have simple and clean designs that are both expressive and engaging.

ABX Construction

ABX Construction has a team of expert able to consult or assist in areas of carpentry, stonemasonry, and other professional building services. They are available for immediate deployment to construction or renovation jobs for residential and commercial clients. They also offer their years of knowledge and expertise for consultation jobs.

Construction Company Logo

The client specifically asked for the ABX Construction company logo to have the same colors as the Facebook logo. In this design for the corporate logo, a continuous strip of metal that’s been painted steel blue (light) on one side and navy blue (dark) on the other was folded together into a square version of the Mobius strip. Because you’ll never know at what point this seemingly endless strip started or ended, this configuration serves as a stable framework for building formidable houses and skyscrapers.


Construction Company Logo 2

In this variation of the corporate logo design, the company name’s acronym ABX is printed in a stylized font laid against a block of blue and spotlighted from above. The letter A has no bar in the middle and its left leg has been extended beyond the block. Meanwhile, the letter X has its right arm following a continuously straight line beyond the blue square background with rounded corners.


Pacific Paper

Pacific Paper is an international trading company that directly imports ready-made paper products and sells them through its network of retailers. The firm is also a wholesaler of all-natural wood pulp and uses this raw material to produce its own brand of stationery papers, lined pads, notebooks, and stick-on notes.

Import Business Logo

The product logo design for Pacific Paper was inspired by happy childhood memories of playing with paper boats after a heavy downpour. The logo has been stylized to look like it’s entirely made out of paper. The neon yellow paper for the shinning sun, the layered cutouts for the ocean, and of course a paper boat. As a kid that’s all you needed (if that) to imagine that this paper boat has been sailing by the sandy shores of a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.


Leopard Data

Leopard Data builds custom information systems that gather, track, protect, and analyze data for its commercial and industrial clients. These custom information systems have various functions in accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), document management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other areas of business or industrial operations.

IT Company Logo Design 1

In this conceptual design for an IT company logo, the silhouette of a leaping leopard is constructed out of triangles in different shapes and shades of blue. The image looks like an animal configuration in Tangram, which is a challenging Chinese puzzle that uses flat wooden pieces that have been cut into triangles and trapezoids of various exact sizes. The pieces are meant to precisely fit together to form the desired shape.


IT Company Logo Design 2

This design concept for the Leopard Data logo features a leopard’s eye, but where you’d expect to see the triangle for the light, you see a cursor point. The lighting effects moves the viewer’s focus from the cat’s eye down to the stylized text of the company name from left to right. The leopard’s eye represents the company keeping an eye on/looking after their clients information system.


Buddies Burger Bar

Buddies is family-style restaurant that serves stomach-filling meaty burgers with hand-cut fries on the side and cold beverages.

Restaurant/Burger Joint Logo

This logo design for Buddies Burger Bar takes their customers to the 40s and 50s with this retro design. That’s when local burger joints were largely popular among blue-collar workers and their families as dining spots to grab a hearty but inexpensive meal as well as dating spots for starry-eyed young lovers. The seal is actually a bottle-cap which again is appropriate for the Coca Cola craze of that time period.


Weekly Logo Roundup 25

July 27th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

I can’t believe we’ve reached a quarter to a hundred weeks of selecting those logo designs that caught our imagination! For this 25th weekly roundup of logos, we’re presenting you with five remarkable designs which we think are simply stunning. Three of these works are for a clothing company and the other two logos are for a restaurant that serves authentic stone-oven pizza.

Unity Custom Apparel

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Unity Custom Apparel is a small enterprise founded by two aspiring young men who’ve been participating in the Young Enterprise Scheme for a business class in Middleton Grange School. The company makes t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and other pieces of clothing that are screenprinted or embroidered with their clients’ personal artwork, logo designs, school emblems, and names of companies, school organizations, or sports teams.

Clothing Company Logo

The company’s trademarked business name is prominently displayed in this logo design. This simple one-word logo is easily read and recognized by the company’s customers. They typography is fresh and cool, representative of their clothing line.


Clothing Company Logo 2

In this variation of the Unity logo design,  the stylized letter U in golden yellow makes a lasting impression on the company’s customers. The “U” again is stylized to look cool. It has more symmetry than the other design, but it can easily be used as a mark in its own right. Meanwhile a star in the “i” turns the text into a design that too can be used on its own.


Clothing Company Logo 3

This was both our and our client’s favorite design. Here we have the full company name – Unity Custom Apparel. The logo features the silhouettes of two muscular men pushing against each side of the dark letter “U”. They are just about to combine it into one single shape – thus representing the concept inherent in the company name. The mark is elegant and has something that makes you immediately think of the established fashion giants like Ralph Lauren or Yves Saint Laurent.


Rustico Italiano Pizzeria

Rustico Italiano Pizzeria creates their artisan-style pizzas from authentic Italian recipes. The pizzas are hand-tossed and baked in a stone oven that burns aromatic chopped wood rather than gas or coal.

Restaurant Logo 1

This logo design for Rustico Italiano Pizzeria features a large stone oven that’s traditionally used to bake pizzas. The design was painted in red, green and yellow – three major colors strongly associated with Italian restaurants. The flames dance inside the oven and the pizza looks like it’s just about to be ready. Overall it’s a very inviting design that’s meant to make Rustico’s customers drool :-)


Restaurant Pizzeria Logo 2

This logo design looks classy despite its simplicity. The logo prominently displays a steaming large plate of pizza that’s been sliced into eight parts. A slice is set slightly apart from the plate as if an invisible hand was in the act of pulling it up. The style of the design can be described as rustic, which is just a play on the company name.


Hip Hop Lead

Hip-Hop Lead is a website magazine dedicated to giving you the latest news when it comes to rap and RnB music. They showcase rap videos and also have feature sections with free mixtapes from various artists.

Magazine Logo 1

The aim here was to stay fresh and minimalistic with the design. The logo is just an acronym for HHL and the letters are only suggested. The design is simple and unique. It also looks great on merchandize.


New York City’s Bagels 2 Burgers Logo Case Study

December 11th, 2012 Posted by Client Case Studies, Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

Joe Borgia is amazing restaurateur! From a restaurant concept to a business launch with a speed that would leave Usain Bolt jealous! Really, the speed he moved through was very impressive, especially for a brick and mortar type of business.

One day we received the logo order, and within what felt like just a couple of days, we saw our work pictured in a local newspaper on top of an opening soon sign for Borgia’s B2B. But, that’s later. Let’s start at the beginning with what the order looked liked:

Attachment file is for the logo that I came up with. I would like you to improve on that logo for 1 of the designs and then come up with two that are completely different.


Here’s what we came up with:

Logo Version 1


Logo Version 2


Logo Version 3


We soon got feedback from our client:

We like the logo from ver 2. We like the font from logo 1. Also, on the very bottom where it says Bagels to Burgers, can you put NYC Bagels to Burgers. The only other thing I would maybe like to see, is if you can do those changes and then maybe do something with the colors. Instead of the brown and bronze, maybe brown and blue, or just some other combinations that you think would look good.

We made the requested revision to logo 2 and send it back to our client. We also sent a fourth design. It was an afterthought, and a nice bonus for the client. Inspired by New York’s iconic yellow cabs, we felt we had to share it (the very first logo on the page).



While we personally liked the cab inspired logo best, our client liked the revision.

I love the one with the Blue. I just have 2 changes for it and we are all set. Make the Borgia’s the darker blue in the logo and show it to me with a little more spacing between the Borgia’s and the B2B.

A couple more adjustments, and we delivered the chosen logo:


Our client is happy so we’re happy. And, it’s certainly nice to see the sign up.

We think that burger bagels would be delicious, so if you drive by Borgia’s B2B, you must check them out. In the meantime you can check out their website here: