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Logo Design for Small Businesses and Larger Companies

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We’ve designed a lot of logos for various companies and businesses over the years. Here are some of them:

Weekly Logo Roundup 18

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In most countries, when someone turns 18 it’s a cause for celebration. He or she is now considered an adult who can vote, buy beer, and watch R-rated movies. In exactly the same way, the 18th week of logo roundups deserves some recognition and a celebration. Just kidding, we just wanted an excuse to party, however thing. But, we did still handpick the best logo examples of the week for you to enjoy. Here they are:


Brixol is a commercial and industrial construction company. Whatever the project, they can do it!

Construction Company Logo

This logo design is essentially a wordmark., stylized to look three dimensional. The upper bar connecting the letters X and L is made to look like a rafter for the roof. Meanwhile, the lower bar connecting X and B looks like it’s the floor or foundation of a house or building.


Gottke Mechanical

Gottke is a mining and civil engineering company that provides diesel fitting and repairs of heavy off road machines for industrial clients.

Mining & Engineering Logo Design

This logo features a large symmetrical gear. Inside this gear is a negative-space design of an excavator’s scoop. The gear represents that all is in good working order, that each part is functioning smoothly. The machinery inside is just an example of the kind of off-road machines that Gottke has to maintain for its clients.


Mining & Engineering Logo Design 2

In this Gottke Mechanical logo design a mining pick is chipping away at the confines of the logo itself.  Orange is used because its a confident color and a pick is there, because nothing is better than a pick at representing the mining industry as a whole.


Phoenix Property Management

This company not only manages property for commercial and residential clients, their team of experts also provide consultation and construction work. In other words it’s a one-stop solution.

Property Management Logo

The acronym, PPI, is comprised of rising vertical bars. Even though this is a one-stop solution to property management, it’s still mostly about money. We liked the idea of using pillars here, because while it’s true that they support the roof over one’s head, they also look like bars that depict an investment’s growth over time.


Property Management Logo 2

Similarly in this logo, the bars have a dual meaning. The bars represent growth of the investment, but they also look like skyscrapers and visually represent the “property” part of the company name. The “O” with the phoenix is the focal point of the logo. It non-too-subtly communicates that the investment is protected by PPI.


Weekly Logo Roundup 16

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We’re on our sixteenth weekly roundup of beautiful logo designs. Time flies! Out of the designs we’ve done this week, here are those that we love most. Check ’em out…


Shockwave is a logo done an extreme sports team – that of Canadian skydivers. They are skydiving professionals who have come together for the love of the sport and to help each other improve, and their members often compete in local and international tilts.

Skydiving Team Logo

This logo design uses curves to form an abstract shape of a skydiver rapidly descending through the air. The gray round shape is the head while the ends of the arcs represent the arms and legs spread wide while the skydiver is free-falling. The light grey arc below the skydiver is the shockwave created as the skydiver reachers mach 1 and breaks the sound-barrier. It’s a pretty kick-ass logo ;-)


Skydiving Team Logo 2

In this Shockwave logo design we’ve got an abstract figure with wings. It associates the surreal sensation of flying and the sense of freedom that skydivers experience while skydiving.


WebinarFly is a portal that helps users connect with webinars they are interested in learning from. It’s great for webinars, online training, digital hangouts and more.

Startup Logo Design

This wordmark logo design turns the letter A in webinar into a the “play” button you have come to associate with videos. Inside using negative space is a tiny rocket depicting flight.


Startup Logo Design 2

This variation of the WebinarFly logo depicts a hot air balloon that’s being carried into the air by several speech bubbles. The different bubbles represent the different discussion topics that and the individual communities that this platform plans to facilitate. It’s an abstract representation of the webinars and online meetings that this Chicago-based startup will be launching for its clients.


Website Logo 3

Here the concept of flight is represented with blue-tinged wings attached to a PLAY button inside a monitor. It’s a fun, cartoonish design that will appeal to a different (less professional) demographic.  The text is “rough” and freehand-looking to match the mark.


Weekly Logo Roundup 12

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Hee-yaw, ladies and gents! We’re here for the 12th weekly roundup of logo designs that the Little Guys Logo team created and really loved. They’re definitely worth a second look, and maybe a third eyeful, if you got the time and desire to do so. Think of the gems of graphic design know-how you might glean from the images ;-)

Arkana Financial Group

For nearly a decade now, Arkana has been a tireless helping-hand to small businesses in Toronto. They offer their expertise in financial modeling, reporting, and budgeting to their clients.

Financial Company Logo

This design uses three vertical lines to form an arrow head, which breaks through the confines of the circle. An arrow that points upwards and seems to have gone beyond the limits imposed on it strongly suggests the kind of financial backing and expertise Arkana’s clients can expect from them. The lines also look like a skyscraper that’s reaching high into space, and the enveloping circle represents the support that Arkana Financial Group provides its clients as their companies grow.


Financial Company Logo 2

This version of Arkana’s logo features a stylized design for its acronym AFG. A blue strip forms a wide arc that connects the lowest left corner of the letter A to the curving lip of the letter G. The blue arc passes through the letter F and forms its lower arm. The arc represents the connecting relationships that are continually created and nurtured by financial companies like Arkana.


Superfund Works

Superfund Works is an accounting firm that offers a full range of services related to SMSF compliance and audits.

Personal Finance Company Logo

This logo design features three geometric figures of people in a relaxing pose as they watch their funds grow. Another interpretation for this logo is that the balls (funds) are now in the court of Superfund Works.


Personal Finance Company Logo 2

This variation on the Superfund Works logo uses a trio of rising vertical bars to represent financial reporting and a positive return-on-investment. A gray check mark represents the reviews and audits that have been followed.  And the way it wraps around the bars elicits a feeling of protection.


Personal Finance Company Logo 3

The logo in the shape of an S stands for the company name. The geometric figure made of black and blue strips represents the intricate maze of the financial markets that the firm has to maneuver everyday.


Weekly Logo Roundup 9

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Wow! I can’t believe nine weeks of hustling and bustling have already gone by. The world of design seems to run on a different clock entirely. Despite the craving for caffeine and the insurmountable sleep deprivation, onward we creatives go!


And, the roundup of logo designs that we really, really like continues…

The C Word

Don’t know what you were thinking here, but the word here is “candles”. It might be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s certainly memorable. This is a small operation that makes and sells 100% hand poured pure soy candles, but they’re growing and wanted a well-made logo for their next big step.

Product Logo

A logo with a clean and simple design contributes to effective branding. People recall a short and simple phrase, like The C Word. The overlapping shapes add movement to the “C” and we like that because that’s what to us represents a small dancing flame.


Soy Candles Product Logo 2

We liked the 2 parts of the “C” coming together. And the rough edges make it look natural rather than mechanical. The symbol has a clearly legible “C” which is the most memorable part of the company name, and it has a natural look to it, that’ representative of their manufacturing product and the materials they use.  The logo can also be seen as shaped and painted like half of a candle, and we like that about this design.


Soy Candles Product Logo 3

In this variation of the product logo, the letter “C” is even more suggestive of a flame. It looks alive, and you might think that if you blow on it, it will move.


Bodimorph Fitness

The owner requested a custom logo for Bodimorph – a health and fitness Facebook page out of Australia.

Fitness Logo Design

The logo design consists of a man’s silhouette in navy blue surrounded by thick lines of steel blue. The lines represent the excess layers of fat around the body that are being shed. The underlying message was that those layers of fat can be dissolved and hammered into shape through Bodimorph’s health and fitness tips and advice.



Groupets is a pet food and pet supplies shop based in Canada. They sell food and snacks, toys, grooming products, and other items that pets would want or need.

Pet Shop Corporate Logo Design

Even though our client requested and ultimately chose a design similar to the design we’ve done (check out that logo case study here), this design was our personal favorite.

We like this logo design, because it looks like it shines the spotlight on the animals – and that’s what the company is all about. There’s another imagery at play here; the green and blue are common colors to use when drawing the world, and the various animal silhouettes communicate that Groupets provides products for all kinds of animals found on earth.