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Weekly Logo Roundup 51

February 8th, 2014 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

In less than a week, the deluge of roses and chocolates will be upon us. Oh, Valentine’s Day! And speaking of love… This passion for graphics design is a form of love, and we celebrate it every Saturday. There are no romantic dinner dates, sunset strolls, or surprise wedding proposals. Yet, these weekly roundups seem like poetic justice as we continue to give recognition to the exemplary works of nameless and faceless graphics designers around the globe.

Cutting Edge Electrical

Cutting Edge Electrical has licensed electricians to do various electrical jobs for residential and commercial clients.

Electrical Company Logo

This design for an electrical company is a variation on the sketch our client requested. It places the letter E inside the letter C like a set of Matroshka dolls or converter plugs.

Life’s Little Instructions (LLI)

LLI is an upcoming personal blog that imparts bits of wisdom and good advice based from experience.

Personal Blog Logo

The logo is a simple jigsaw puzzle with the two L’s framing the letter “I”. They create a speech bubble and together represent a tidbit of instructions that one can take and immediately apply.

Flip-It Ticket

Flip-it Ticket is a P2P online marketplace specifically created for people looking to trade their tickets to a concert they can’t go to with someone else’s tickets to an event they’d be able to attend. Or for cash, whatever the case may be.

Ticket Flipping Website Logo

This design for a ticket marketplace logo has a tickets in yellow and similar shape representing cash in green. Together they form a sphere, and this circular arrangement is symbolic of the quid-pro-quo system in place at the website.

African Studies

African Studies was created by The Africa Awareness Initiative, a student organization based at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The Initiative was founded in 2002 in response to the lack of representation as well as a lack of nuanced intelligent dialogue about Africa on campus.

University Program Logo

Since the logo’s focus is on Africa, the continent plays a major role in the design. A maze design serves as a backdrop and suggests that the issues surrounding Africa are akin to a maze that needs to be explored and figured out. A maze is a powerful symbol because it represents a lot of dead-ends and roadblocks that must be conquered.


Pediatric Therapy Associates

Pediatric Therapy Associates helps children and infants with speech disorders, mental and physical disabilities, and physical injuries. The center offers speech and language therapy, oral motor and feeding therapy, and fine motor therapy programs.

Pediatric Therapy Logo

This design is a facelift of PTA’s old logo.
Pediatric-Therapy-clinic logo

Weekly Logo Roundup 49

January 25th, 2014 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

It’s been twenty-five days since the New Year began. And, the flurries kept on coming as if the White Witch has been in a mood to explore the urban landscape. Meanwhile, we march onwards to add new logos to our Saturday lineup of interesting design concepts that eloquently promote a brand or represent a corporate identity. It’s our 49th week of celebrating beauty in company marks!


iCare is a store that provides repair services as well as protective cases for smart phone devices. They come in different colors, styles and types, from silicone jelly to metal and wood. The store also sells screen guards to protect the touch-sensitive glass display of smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets.

Phone Accessories Store Logo

At first glance it may look like a collection of phones, but the design for the iCare logo smartly arranges the differently sized smartphones into a heart-shaped logo for this phone accessories shop. The heart represents the love and care for these mobile devices we can hardly live without.


Phone Accessories Store Logo 2

This minimalistic design cleverly rearranges two phones to form a geometric heart shape. The heart represents proper care for the mobile devices iCare services.

girly iphone repair logo

Open Listing Service of New York

OLSNY is an online listing service that allows homeowners to list their properties for sale directly into a database that’s accessible to agents. This allows home owners to be more in control of the sale process and to save on the commission

Real Estate Listing Service Logo 1

The objective behind the website is to push for transparency and to cut out the middleman when selling or buying a property. This logo design follows a clean and clear structure. The “O” suggests a clock, to show that the listings are active and working for the homeowner around the clock. The minute-hand continues to form a roof over the other letters forming a house.


Real Estate Listing Service Logo 2

This design concept for the OLSNY logo uses a keyhole on a doorknob as a symbolic image for access to a house, as well as a more subtle imagery for opportunity. The Open Listing Service is a new platform for property owners and real estate agents to find each other for a fortuitous outcome for both parties.


Mountain View Maternity Group

The Mountain View Maternity Group offers state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for pregnant women and young mothers. Their clinics are equipped to handle cases of natural childbirth.

Maternity Clinic Logo

The design concept for a maternity clinic logo proudly features the picturesque Mountain View range. A partial silhouette of a pregnant woman is seen beside the snow-capped mountains. It’s a statement of the importance that Mountain View Maternity Group places on their pregnant clients and on motherhood as a whole.



Burumeo is a start-up company similar to Task Rabbit that aims to help you do simple tasks and basically make your life easier.

Startup Company Logo 1

The check mark in the middle of the ‘b’ is there to emphasize the company’s main objective – to accomplish the tasks you need done. The arrow meanwhile is rewinding both to communicate that burumeo’s clients are recapturing their time and to suggest the re-use of their services.

Startup Company Logo Design 2

This design simpler looking, but that was our goal. The mark would look great on promo t-shirts and on the app icon. At the same time it communicates what the company is about withe the clever checkmark, now part of the ‘B’. The ‘B’ is slanted giving the logo a feel that it’s always on the go.

Weekly Logo Roundup 34

September 28th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

That crisp autumn air seems to add a little spring to our steps, don’t you think? Or, maybe it’s just the prospect of seeing another round of beautiful logo designs. The design team of Little Guy Logos has selected these logos based on aesthetics as well as personality.

Blue River Arts

Blue River Arts is a young game development studio and idea factory. They’re also the first game development company that requested a logo, so we were excited to take on the challenge.

Game Development Company Logo

The vintage game console in this logo design is made to look like a little robot, and a power plug connects the game console to the text. The purpose of this design was to make a friendly design that communicates gaming in some way – hence the console.


Game Development Company Logo 2

This is a more corporate version of the Blue River Arts logo. The blue-and-white sphere to the left represents the creative flow that the company harnesses when brainstorming new game concepts.

game development-company-logo-2

Hailee Pacific

Hailee Pacific owns a multitude of industrial operations including Recycled Plastic Materials, Farm Equipment, and more.

Recycler of Plastic Material

The design for the Hailee Pacific logo is simply made up of stylized text with a wide slash in the middle. Because they have several unrelated operations under the same company name, the goal here was to be ambiguous.


National Framing Ltd.

Our client provides residential house framing services. For his logo he requested only that we include a hardhat somewhere in the logo. Easy!

Framing Construction Company Logo

Here’s one of the designs we came up with. It’s a nice emblem that can go on a uniform sleeve, or on toolbox stickers, attracting attention with its vivid colors.


Institute of Reading Development

The Institute of Reading Development works hard to promote the love of reading among children and adults, creating a reading development curriculum for all ages.

Learning Center

The logo for the Institute features abstract human figures that represent children of all ages standing before the open pages of a book. The pages of the book are created out of negative space and frankly look quite cool. The bright colors communicate a youthfulness about the organization, that’s in line with their target clientele.


Weekly Logo Roundup 16

May 25th, 2013 Posted by Custom Logo Design, Logo Examples No Comment yet

We’re on our sixteenth weekly roundup of beautiful logo designs. Time flies! Out of the designs we’ve done this week, here are those that we love most. Check ’em out…


Shockwave is a logo done an extreme sports team – that of Canadian skydivers. They are skydiving professionals who have come together for the love of the sport and to help each other improve, and their members often compete in local and international tilts.

Skydiving Team Logo

This logo design uses curves to form an abstract shape of a skydiver rapidly descending through the air. The gray round shape is the head while the ends of the arcs represent the arms and legs spread wide while the skydiver is free-falling. The light grey arc below the skydiver is the shockwave created as the skydiver reachers mach 1 and breaks the sound-barrier. It’s a pretty kick-ass logo ;-)


Skydiving Team Logo 2

In this Shockwave logo design we’ve got an abstract figure with wings. It associates the surreal sensation of flying and the sense of freedom that skydivers experience while skydiving.


WebinarFly is a portal that helps users connect with webinars they are interested in learning from. It’s great for webinars, online training, digital hangouts and more.

Startup Logo Design

This wordmark logo design turns the letter A in webinar into a the “play” button you have come to associate with videos. Inside using negative space is a tiny rocket depicting flight.


Startup Logo Design 2

This variation of the WebinarFly logo depicts a hot air balloon that’s being carried into the air by several speech bubbles. The different bubbles represent the different discussion topics that and the individual communities that this platform plans to facilitate. It’s an abstract representation of the webinars and online meetings that this Chicago-based startup will be launching for its clients.


Website Logo 3

Here the concept of flight is represented with blue-tinged wings attached to a PLAY button inside a monitor. It’s a fun, cartoonish design that will appeal to a different (less professional) demographic.  The text is “rough” and freehand-looking to match the mark.