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Logo Design for Small Businesses and Larger Companies

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We’ve designed a lot of logos for various companies and businesses over the years. Here are some of them:

Weekly Logo Roundup 52

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Over the past 52 weeks we probably shared close to 300 designs with you, and those you can still check out on our site, but we plan to showoff our new designs on our Little Guy Logos Facebook page and on various off-site portfolios and logo critique communities that we recently joined.

Weekly Logo Roundup 47

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The Arctic winds b-r-r-r-ing with them a sharply biting chill that keeps us wide awake and on our toes this wonderful wintry morning! And so… We decided to stay indoors this weekend and keep our almost freezing toes warm and dandy in a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers. The big, red X on the calendar marks today’s post as the 47th Saturday lineup of logo designs, which cover a wide array of concepts from straightforward to symbolic.

Ancient City Firearms

Ancient City sells a variety of handguns, rifles, and high-powered firearms as well as different types of ammunition and related merchandise, such as scopes, vests and holsters. This gun store also has an outdoor shooting range where customers undergo tactical training and develop their sharpshooting skills.

Firearms and Shooting Range Logo

This logo for a firearms and tactical supplies retailer uses an American bald eagle as its insignia. The eagle represents courage in battle, victory over one’s enemies, and the sharp senses of a true hunter or huntress. In this design, the eagle’s widespread wings are shaped like two automatic pistols that share a single magazine (the eagle’s tail).


Grinder Coffee Bar

As a coffee bar, Grinder serves many kinds of coffee (hot or iced), herbal teas, and fruit-flavored teas. This place also serves coffees fortified with spirits and keeps an interesting cellar of good to excellent wines.

Coffee Bar Logo

The logo plays around the coffee grinder tool, which replaces the lowercase “i” in Grinder. The grinder and coffee beans have the same color as the text for ‘coffee bar’ for cohesiveness between the company name and the description. All in all, it’s a simple logo design for a new hangout – a cafe and bar in one.


DigiShpun Publishing

DigiShpun is a digital publishing company that owns and operates several online magazines and blogs.

Publishing Company Logo

This logo design for a publishing company is a cleverly put-together wordmark. The text has two colors: gray and blue. The areas filled with blue follow the scalloped outline of an open book. Meanwhile, the gray text of ‘Publishing’ at the bottom right unites the whole logo with the irregular gray areas on the upper parts of the stylized text.


Publishing House Logo 2

This is a black-and-white version of the DigiShpun Publishing logo. The company is divided into two parts: the white ‘Digi’ and the black ‘Shpun’. As a digital publisher, the company is responsible for increasing the popularity and readership of several online magazines and professional blogs. The content these virtual publications covers many topics and produce a “digitally spun” network, so to speak.


Wishkah Valley Loggerettes

The Wishkah Valley Loggerettes is an all-female high school basketball team from the Wishkah Valley School District, located 12 miles north of Aberdeen WA, on the picturesque Olympic Peninsula.

Sports Team Logo

The sports team logo for the Loggerettes shows this basketball team’s quirky side. Standing at the right of the text logo is a cartoon image of a honey-blond girl in her basketball shorts and jersey. She carries an orange basketball under her left arm and hefts up a mean-looking axe over her right shoulder. The axe means one thing: the girls are ready to chop down anyone who gets in their way towards victory.


Weekly Logo Roundup 45

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It’s just 11 days before Christmas Day, folks! Have you already completed your shopping list for the holiday season? If you haven’t yet, then don’t be surprised when a beautifully organized chaos descends on our lives so suddenly. Understandably, everybody’s racing against time before the shops raised the retail prices of much sought-after products or before these Must-Buy items go out of stock.

Yet, never have we at Little Guys Logo missed publishing an end-of-the-week post – not even once – since we began rounding up these jaw-dropping logo designs in January this year. This 45th weekly lineup of logos not only showcases those designs that have been crafted with boundless passion, creativity, and expertise, but also displays an unsurpassed dedication to one’s work.

Tiro Jewelry

Tiro Jewelry is a high-end collection of handcrafted jewellery designed to fit the wearer’s personality. These limited-edition necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings have been created with precious stones and various metals.

Jewellery Wordmark

This Tiro Jewelry logo is a simple wordmark with light (golden yellow) and dark (midnight blue) versions. The logo design’s flexibility is a reflection of this custom jeweler’s artistic ability to create a magnificent piece of jewellery based on the customer’s background information and ideas.


Magnetic Electrical

Magnetic Electrical offers domestic and commercial electrical services, including power grid upgrades or transfers, wiring and lighting installations, setups for CCTV videos and smoke alarms, and emergency repairs on switches, fans and power points. The firm also installs, cleans and fixes the swimming pool pumps and filters of their clients. Most of its clients in North Queensland, Australia are in the mining, materials processing, manufacturing, and mercantile sectors.

Electrical Company Logo

The logo design for this electrical services provider uses two objects, namely a horseshoe magnet with a red U-shaped body and two black tips, and a black electric plug. It also kind of looks like a person, and we liked this human component – it makes the logo look much friendlier.



Boostivation is a Youtube channel with aims to grow into a full website that aims to inspire and motivate its viewers.

Motivational Channel Logo Design 1

This Boostivation logo is designed to remind us of the Power-Up Mushroom bonus from the classic NES game of Super Mario Brothers. The pixelated image is a 2D composite of the funkie fungi that Mario gulps down for a short burst of energy.

In a similar sense, online viewers consume a small helping of “Yes, You Can!” and “Believe In Yourself” in affirmative messages after watching a series of feel-good videos via Boostivation’s YouTube channel. Consistent exposure to this electrifying “Kool-Aid” mixture of motivational and uplifting content (whether it’s curated or originally created) leads to internalization of these positive beliefs and attitudes.


Motivational Channel Logo Design 2

This logo design for Boostivation has a more contemporary illustration of the Power-Up Mushroom bonus similar to the one in the classic NES game – Super Mario Bros. Mario eats it and enjoys a limited boost in speed, stamina, and strength. Channel viewers will get a similar boost from the short videos that were made to inspire and motivate.


AW Market

AW Market is an online store that sells different types of consumer electronics, such as cameras, speakers and video game consoles, at ridiculously cheap prices. They’re mostly virgin-return products, or items that customers barely used and returned to the seller after a few days. They’ve been professionally refurbished using manufacturer-authorized parts and processes.

Online Electronic Store Logo

The design for the AWMarket logo is a simple wordmark that’s divided into two parts: the large green AW and the stylized text for “market” that’s displayed in smaller letters with a shopping cart replacing the letter “a”. The first part has a fresh and edgy look that appeals to the masculine. Meanwhile, the second part uses a slightly tilted and rounded font that leans more toward the feminine aspect to balance this logo design.


Weekly Logo Roundup 40

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Aren’t Saturdays nice? Today, you’ll be treated to the 40th weekly logo roundup of Little Guys Logo’s marks. So, how does a logo get inducted into this prestigious list? Simple. The design has to be one that we really like, and if it happens to be quirky and fun, even better!

Henna by Sumaiyah

Sumaiyah is a professional henna tattoo artist who creates colorful and detailed designs on her clients’ hands and faces. She accepts bookings for parties, concerts, school fairs, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Henna Tattoos Logo

This logo design for a henna tattoo artist has a decidedly feminine appeal. Sumaiyah’s quality of work is embodied in this logo. The intricate spirals and swirls are part of the appeal of a traditional henna tattoo.


Beach House 44

Beach House 44 is a publishing house that also doubles as a bookshop with an art gallery and a small restaurant.

Small Store Logo

This design for the Beach House 44 logo takes its inspiration from its name. The horizontal lines in the text plus the ones separating the company name from the slogan look like waves of water. The name of the company is distinctively blue just like the ocean, and the 44 look like sails in the ocean.


Small Store Wordmark

This wordmark is based on a design our client liked.  She provided an example and asked us to pretty much replicate it, altering only the colors a bit. We obliged, and both us and our client are very happy with the end result.


A Divine Affair

Jennie is the beauty and brains behind A Divine Affair – a wedding and events planning service in Canada. She’s a certified wedding coordinator and recognized in 2013 by wedding industry experts as one of the best events organizers to hire for a wedding.

Wedding Planner Logo

When you think of weddings, you think of a girl’s childhood dream being brought to life. A divine affair’s logo showcases just that, simple, light, classic and feminine.


Team Home Clean

Team Home Clean is is a house cleaning and housekeeping service in Houston.

Home Cleaning Logo 1

The owner wanted a sports feel to the logo. So, this design features two men with mops posed like hockey players facing off on the arena.  This logo makes use of two colors; blue and red. Red is commonly associated with energy and action while blue is known to be fresh and clean.


Home Cleaning Logo 2

This logo design for Team Home Clean is reminiscent of hockey logos. An emblem for this professional cleaning service. The central image consists of a mop and a bucket of water.

home-cleaning-company-logo 2

Weekly Logo Roundup 35

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Hey, hey, hey! It’s a great day here at Little Guy Logos! We’re now on our 35th weekly roundup of logo designs, and this week we’ve chosen five of our logos that we think you’ll appreciate for their creativity and friendly design. Check them out and let us know which ones you like on our Facebook page here.

Talking To Strangers

Talking To Strangers is a web series comedy about online dating. Client wanted something simple, but yet something that would still convey that it’s a comedy.

TV Show Logo

This web series logo features two people in profile facing each engaged in some engaging conversation. The friendly colors, talk bubble and font make the design feel light and appropriate for a comedy.


TV Show Logo 2

This design features something that our client specifically requested – paper dolls. So in a web style we’ve got the two human figures holding hands. This is a typical scene that you can expect os see a couple engaged in a first-date (or maybe we can, ’cause we’re players!). And here too the frame is shaped like a talk bubble to resonate the name of the show.



M1R prides itself in its ability to provide boutique real estate service at reduced costs. They have partnered with other professionals including attorneys and accountants to provide a one-stop solution for their clients.

Real Estate Logo

The company often goes by “Metro1” so we decided to base our logo mark off that. Our client set the color palette, and all we had to do was figure out the rest :-D. We went on to give the “M” a dual meaning by making the “1” part of the letter and the strong font projects a dependable image.


Rent Appeal

Rent Appeal is a property management company that helps people keep their properties in excellent condition.

Property Management Logo

The logo design features a design that’s inclusive of both stand-alone house properties as well as condominium properties. The warm colors create a sense of friendliness and dependability.


Safe Rise Scaffold

Safe Rise Scaffold is a scaffolding company in Australia. Performing installation and repair services high off the ground. These guys are completely unafraid of heights!

Scaffolding Construction Logo

The broad font used for this logo expresses the strength and durability. The stylized text is made to look like its a piece of metal scaffolding, meanwhile the letter “A” in “SCAFFOLD” is shaped like the roof of a house.


Weekly Logo Roundup 29

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Hooray, hooray! It’s time once again for that end-of-the-week post praising the finer points of a few well-crafted logos here at the Little Guy Logos. The design team definitely outdid themselves when they came up with this great selection of logo designs. For the 29th weekly roundup, we have a couple of custom logos specially designed for an auto-detailing shop, a trio of logo designs created for a web-based and mobile app directory listings of late-night dining spots, and an exotic logo design for beauty product.

Detail Geek

More than a car wash and grooming service, Detail Geek has built an excellent reputation for finishing high-end auto detailing jobs on time and without mishaps. The company can fix a badly done paintwork, the scratches and holograms caused by inept waxing and polishing jobs, the orange peel effect, and the fading or dull surface of a car’s body.

Automotive Industry Logo

This design for the Detail Geek logo looks so simple and clean. A blue line connecting the letters D and K of the company name is shaped like the outline of a car. The vehicle’s hood, roof and trunk are discernible from left to right.


Automotive Industry Logo 2

This logo design for Detail Geek humorously turns the outline of a car into the smiling face of a satisfied customer, or that of a geek – you be the judge. The car’s two wheels are the eyes behind a pair of glasses and the curving line below the car is the customer’s smiling mouth.


Ultimately though our client chose to go with our other design. It happens to be more traditional and we didn’t feature it here, but hey, if it works,..


NiteBites is an up-and-coming mobile app directory service that keeps organized and informative listings of late-night dining establishments. The app uses the smartphone’s GPS sensor to identify a user’s location and instantly informs him or her of the restaurants and cafes, 24-hours diners, bars and pubs, burger joints, and other dining spots that are still open late at night or even well after midnight.

Food Industry Logo 1

This logo design for a late-night dining app turns the dark blue dinner plate into a clever background for a crescent moon and three shining stars. A spoon and fork completes this simple table setting.


Food App Logo 2

This inline logo design concept for the NiteBites features a burger to the left of the text. A thin sheet of cheddar cheese (yellow) is squeezed between two juicy meat patties (white), which are covered with dark blue buns. The color represents the night, and where you would expect to see sesame seeds, we have designed stars. This logo does a great job communicating that this is a late-night eatery.


Food Industry Logo 3

This NiteBites logo design features a partially eaten cookie. The manner in which it’s eaten creates a crescent moon shape. Three yellow stars have been added to make this concept of a midnight-snack unambiguous.



Ablush is an upcoming brand concept of beauty products that use 100% safe and natural ingredients.

Wordmark Logo Design

Where straight clean lines could suggest something that’s synthetic or mass-produced, this wordmark looks natural because of its color and the fluidity of the text. It looks handmade and that’s a great look for a company that’s trying to differentiate itself from the industry giants.


Weekly Logo Roundup 20

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It’s time once again to gather a nice set of logos designed to catch the eye, awaken the senses, and clearly represent the client’s core business without words. Check out the following list of logo designs for our 20th weekly roundup.

California Power Cooperative

Used to be known as the San Francisco Energy Co-op, the organization is rebranding itself as the California Power Cooperative or CPC.

Electrical Company Logo 1

As part of their efforts in rebranding their cooperative, the CPC wanted a logo that best represents their goals for the community. In this logo design, the negative space represents a glowing light bulb. It is surrounded by a halo of red-orange rays of light. It combines the concept of sun energy with the most recognized electrical device – the lightbulb! It refers to the solar power generation aims of the cooperative.


Electrical Company Logo 2

In this design of the CPC logo, the image consists of a streak of lightning representing electricity seen on the foreground against a leaf with halves painted in orange and green as the background. It refers to CPC’s initiative to provide power to the community through sustainable green energy.


Full Stack Partners

Full Stack Partners is a consulting services for hedge funds & buy-side institutions.

Software Company Logo 1

The design for the Full Stack Partners logo features two human-like figures placed stacked one on top of the other. The logo emphasizes the role of talented people in developing web applications and providing much needed professional support on projects.


Software Company Logo 2

This logo design for a web apps development and consulting company features two human-like figures facing each other and holding each other’s hands. It’s supposed to represent the team work and camaraderie between the customers and the company. Their hands form to create a perfect square, which we meant as a completed piece (a completed project) with no flaws.


JEM Editing

This professional editing service is owned and operated by Jessica E. Marshallsay, hence the acronym JEM in the company name. She does editorial work on academic research papers, dissertations or theses, book manuscripts, and grant proposals. Check out her portfolio and hire her to help you with your next publication.

Editing Company Logo

This workmark design for a professional editor plays on the concept of “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.”, but we didn’t need to tell you that, you probably saw it right away!


Weekly Logo Roundup 18

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In most countries, when someone turns 18 it’s a cause for celebration. He or she is now considered an adult who can vote, buy beer, and watch R-rated movies. In exactly the same way, the 18th week of logo roundups deserves some recognition and a celebration. Just kidding, we just wanted an excuse to party, however thing. But, we did still handpick the best logo examples of the week for you to enjoy. Here they are:


Brixol is a commercial and industrial construction company. Whatever the project, they can do it!

Construction Company Logo

This logo design is essentially a wordmark., stylized to look three dimensional. The upper bar connecting the letters X and L is made to look like a rafter for the roof. Meanwhile, the lower bar connecting X and B looks like it’s the floor or foundation of a house or building.


Gottke Mechanical

Gottke is a mining and civil engineering company that provides diesel fitting and repairs of heavy off road machines for industrial clients.

Mining & Engineering Logo Design

This logo features a large symmetrical gear. Inside this gear is a negative-space design of an excavator’s scoop. The gear represents that all is in good working order, that each part is functioning smoothly. The machinery inside is just an example of the kind of off-road machines that Gottke has to maintain for its clients.


Mining & Engineering Logo Design 2

In this Gottke Mechanical logo design a mining pick is chipping away at the confines of the logo itself.  Orange is used because its a confident color and a pick is there, because nothing is better than a pick at representing the mining industry as a whole.


Phoenix Property Management

This company not only manages property for commercial and residential clients, their team of experts also provide consultation and construction work. In other words it’s a one-stop solution.

Property Management Logo

The acronym, PPI, is comprised of rising vertical bars. Even though this is a one-stop solution to property management, it’s still mostly about money. We liked the idea of using pillars here, because while it’s true that they support the roof over one’s head, they also look like bars that depict an investment’s growth over time.


Property Management Logo 2

Similarly in this logo, the bars have a dual meaning. The bars represent growth of the investment, but they also look like skyscrapers and visually represent the “property” part of the company name. The “O” with the phoenix is the focal point of the logo. It non-too-subtly communicates that the investment is protected by PPI.


Weekly Logo Roundup 16

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We’re on our sixteenth weekly roundup of beautiful logo designs. Time flies! Out of the designs we’ve done this week, here are those that we love most. Check ’em out…


Shockwave is a logo done an extreme sports team – that of Canadian skydivers. They are skydiving professionals who have come together for the love of the sport and to help each other improve, and their members often compete in local and international tilts.

Skydiving Team Logo

This logo design uses curves to form an abstract shape of a skydiver rapidly descending through the air. The gray round shape is the head while the ends of the arcs represent the arms and legs spread wide while the skydiver is free-falling. The light grey arc below the skydiver is the shockwave created as the skydiver reachers mach 1 and breaks the sound-barrier. It’s a pretty kick-ass logo ;-)


Skydiving Team Logo 2

In this Shockwave logo design we’ve got an abstract figure with wings. It associates the surreal sensation of flying and the sense of freedom that skydivers experience while skydiving.


WebinarFly is a portal that helps users connect with webinars they are interested in learning from. It’s great for webinars, online training, digital hangouts and more.

Startup Logo Design

This wordmark logo design turns the letter A in webinar into a the “play” button you have come to associate with videos. Inside using negative space is a tiny rocket depicting flight.


Startup Logo Design 2

This variation of the WebinarFly logo depicts a hot air balloon that’s being carried into the air by several speech bubbles. The different bubbles represent the different discussion topics that and the individual communities that this platform plans to facilitate. It’s an abstract representation of the webinars and online meetings that this Chicago-based startup will be launching for its clients.


Website Logo 3

Here the concept of flight is represented with blue-tinged wings attached to a PLAY button inside a monitor. It’s a fun, cartoonish design that will appeal to a different (less professional) demographic.  The text is “rough” and freehand-looking to match the mark.