Hi there! Thanks for checking out our Resellers page. There are two ways you can promote and benefit from teaming up with Little Guy Logos; as a reseller or as a referrer. Each way has its own advantages for you and your clients, and either one can work well with your business model:

…as a Reseller:

Stay in full control of your profits by marking-up our prices and charging your clients whatever you like.

Order on behalf of your clients, but we’ll cummunicate directly with you, and only you.

We will white-label our work, so no one will ever know that it was done outside of your company.

You’ll receive all the file formats you need including orignal work files.

…as a Referrer:

Automatically earn 20% commission on any service ordered by the clients you refer.

Complete hands-off solution for you. Send clients our way, and we’ll communicate with the client directly.

If client needs work done to your company’s specs, then we’ll provide a seamless solution for you both.

Clients will receive all the web and print-ready files they need.

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There are a lot of entrepreneurs, start-up companies, organizations and bands looking for a logo, and just as many existing companies that would like a logo repair or redesign for their outdated company image.

They are all looking for fresh ideas and to them, 3 professionally made logo concepts for just $89, is a real bargain!
(You’ve seen our portfolio, so you know that thanks to the quality of our work our site gets CRAZY conversions!)

To the left is a table with an estimated projected income you can earn as our referrer. We pay out 20% commission on all our services, but this table illustrates commission from just one of our services: 3 designs for $89.

It is very reasonable to find 2-5 people per day who want to have a logo done. And for your business, this translates into an annual income of $13,000 – 30,000!

If you can spread the word to A LOT of business owners and entrepreneurs, then you can find yourself further down the table. We do the design work, you do the promotion, client gets some really nice logos, and everybody wins.


Online classifieds ads:

ONLY $89 for 3 Logos

Hi, Alex here,

Do you want a quality logo design for your business or organization?
How about 3 for a fraction of the price you’d pay a professional?

Examples and order inquiries here:

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3 Logos for ONLY $89

Guess what? You can now get 3 professionally made logos for your business, organization or team for just 89 bucks!

Already got a logo? Well give your company a fresh new image! For just $89 you can’t go wrong!

Order today by going to

These are the very same ads that brought us 2-3 clients a day from local classifieds before we went international!

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300 x 50
468 x 60

Thank you for your interest in teaming up with us. We’d love to work with you and take care of your clients, but we want to learn more about you first.

Let us know if you’d like to become a reseller or a referrer (or both) and how you intend to promote us. Some things we love, some we kinda frown upon, so please talk to us first and we’ll find a win-win scenario we can be happy with.

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