Industry’s Highest-Paying Affiliate Program

If you have small business owners in your network, you should become our 50/50 affiliate partner. Earn a 50% commission on all graphic design services ordered by the customers you refer. For logos, the average order is $195, of which you get almost $100. That’s the highest affiliate payout in the industry – better than 99designs, fiverr, upwork, or any other design company. Your browser does not support SVG

On top of that, you can earn a piggyback commission on the sales of affiliates you introduce to our program. And, even if you don’t have a large network or following, 2-5 sales per week is still a very realistic estimate based on numbers we’ve seen.

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Based on the average commission of $97.50

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We Design, You Promote

There are a lot of small businesses, websites, local companies, and organizations looking for a new logo for their products and services. There are even more that need to repair or modernize their outdated logos, and we want your help reaching them all. Essentially we are outsourcing our marketing department to you, which means that we’re a bit more selective with our affiliates.

It also means that those affiliates that we do partner with get support that goes above-and-beyond most affiliate programs. For example, if you need us to create custom banners for your sites – we will. If you want a personal landing pages on our domain that echoes your branding – we’ll create that. If you want exclusive promo codes for your audience – we’ll set-up custom discount codes.

What You Can Expect From Our Affiliate Program:

  • Partner-Level Commissions

    Highest commission rates in the industry – almost $100 on an average sale.

  • Piggyback Commissions

    Earn an additional commission on the sales of affiliates you introduce to our program.

  • Custom Graphics

    Need a custom banner for your blog’s resources section? We’ll be happy to make it for you.

  • Branded URLs

    Refer visitors via a personal landing page on our domain, with your styling for continuity.

  • Custom Promo Codes

    Want to offer your audience exclusive prices? We’ll set up custom discount codes you can share with them.

  • Low Refund Rates

    Our refund rate is just half a percent. Which means that if you had 20 sales last month, they’re all likely final.

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  • How much can I realistically make?

    This really depends on the size and composition of your audience, and your influence with them. 2-5 sales per week is a very realistic estimate based on numbers we’ve seen. This equates to around $10,000 – 25,000 per year, but if you have access to more business owners your numbers should be significantly higher.

  • What is your refund rate?

    We provide a friendly, professional service, and we never take shortcuts with our customers’ brands. Our attention to detail and genuine love for our craft has earned us a very low refund rate – 1 out of every 200 orders.

  • How frequent are the payouts?

    We pay our affiliates every month on the 15th of the month following the sale, unless it’s a weekend or holiday. In which case we send payment on the next work day.

  • What other design services do you provide?

    Many things. We like logo work the most, but we do a lot of stationery and social media work as well. All these services have trackable order forms.

Among our clients:

Do you design anything else?

Yes, we do it all! Flyers, social media covers, banner ads, packaging for products, business cards, custom icons for websites, background removal, and lots, lots more! If you'd like to discuss your project, just drop us a line.