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wallodex-affordable-logo-design-1 No matter if you have a basement startup on a shoestring budget, or a company benefiting from a multi-million dollar second phase investment, every company could use a custom and affordable logo design. We don’t know how much money our clients have to throw around, but we always know that we can provide an affordable logo solution to the very big and very small. How do we know this? Because our price is just $89 for 3 logo versions! wallodex-affordable-logo-design-3 Our client Wallodex took advantage of our offer and now has a logo that they are happy using in their marketing campaigns. Right now they are counting down the days and the hours until they launch to the public, and you can be sure that a lot of work is happening behind the scenes. Soon though they will be HUGE, and their logo will be iconic. However if their identify changes, or they decide to go into a different direction and want to communicate something else to their followers, users and fans, then they will need a loog redesign. At that point Little Guy Logos will be happy to design another custom logo to capture the new identity. Meanwhile Wallodex integrates and optimizes your financial and relationship management experiences. Check out if: – You are tech-savvy – You are social – You buy gifts often – You wish you could manage your leisure expenses better – You wish to enhance your relationship experiences Sounds like these guys can really help you manage your expenses and leisure activities. Make sure you check them out after placing your logo order. wallodex-affordable-logo-design-2 Also check out this other low cost logo example

Planning Your Logo?

As you look for a logo designer, keep in mind that a designer needs to pair creativity with great technical expertise. For example:

  • If the wrong design program is used, your logo will blur when resized.
  • If unprintable colors are used, your logo will look wrong when printed.
  • If final quality control is skipped, your logo will have costly mistakes.

Business owner trying to save a few bucks just end up paying twice to redo their logo and reprint their marketing material. Avoid surprises, by learning about impossible colors, vector graphics, and the importance of quality control. Learn more

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