Weekly Logo Roundup 13

This week’s logo roundup is the 13th we’ve had so far. The logo designs that were handpicked for this selection were definitely NOT unlucky. All six of ’em are presented here for your discerning perusal. White Lightning NYC Based in Brooklyn, White Lightning NYC creates quality handcrafted all-American dry goods. Brewery Logo Design The logo design […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 12

Hee-yaw, ladies and gents! We’re here for the 12th weekly roundup of logo designs that the Little Guys Logo team created and really loved. They’re definitely worth a second look, and maybe a third eyeful, if you got the time and desire to do so. Think of the gems of graphic design know-how you might […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 11

Eleven is not just an odd number. It’s the master number that tells you to find balance in your life between your body and spirit, between your thoughts and emotions, and between work and leisure. Will the eleventh weekly roundup of logo designs that we find so compelling and creative speak of this balance? Let’s […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 10

Society’s fascination with rankings has made ten the standard number of people, items, and entries in competitions that can be declared the best or greatest among those who competed. Another week has gone by and it’s time to reveal the 10th roundup of logo designs that the Little Guy Logos team has marked as their […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 9

Wow! I can’t believe nine weeks of hustling and bustling have already gone by. The world of design seems to run on a different clock entirely. Despite the craving for caffeine and the insurmountable sleep deprivation, onward we creatives go! *heigh-ho-heigh-ho* And, the roundup of logo designs that we really, really like continues… The C […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 8

And, we’re now on the eighth week of our logo roundup! Number 8 reminds us so much of the Mobius strip or the symbol for infinity. This week’s parade of remarkable logo designs is for companies that are exceptional. They are in niche markets and you probably wouldn’t be able to think of a related […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 7

This week we noticed a theme among our clients. In one way or another they were all about empowering and motivating their clients. Our clients help kids become healthier, assist professionals in finding the perfect job, and aid businesses with their data needs. They are working hard for their clients and we work hard for […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 6

Do you know that the number 6 means smooth-going or well-off in Chinese numerology? Eastern-based numerology attaches positive traits, like peaceful and loving to six as a number or sixth as numerical position. In this sixth weekly roundup of logo designs, let’s see which logos were warmly favored by Lady Luck with a little push […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 5

The design team of Little Guy Logos met many times in a huddle and spent many hours locked in argumentative discussions. After seven days, however, everyone decided to end the debates once and for all by casting their secret ballots and announcing only those logo designs that amassed the largest majority votes as the cream […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 4

This was a fun week. So many exciting new companies, and a lot of them not what you’d call “little guys”. Then again, maybe we’re just looking down the road, when these companies will be HUGE! Oak Bay Here we begin with a custom logo for a medical clinic. Medical Clinic Logo Design 1 The […]
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