Weekly Logo Roundup 3 – Don’t put that in your mouth!

Looks like logos for businesses catering to kids are in this week. Here are a few of the logos we wanted to share with you: ClassFull This is an online marketplace for learning material. One goal here was to communicate that the learning can be fun, and that was done through the use of comfortable […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 2 – So long and thanks for all the fish!

Here are some of our favourite logos for the week. Carrying on with the trend from last week we’ve got another tech company in communications (we really enjoyed designing that logo) and a logo project for a photographer. ALM Communications Here’s a company that installs, upgrades, reconfigures or removes RF equipment for mobile phone carries. […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 1

Here are some of our favourite logos for the week. It looks like the trend this week was Technology, as a lot of the logos had to do with software, IT and apps. A lot of great customers and a lot of great logos this week and here are some of them: Appidemix We begin […]
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DBA Duck – Server Blog Logo Case Study

Need help with SQL Server MVPs? Want someone to deploy PowerShell on your IT architecture? Yeah, we have no idea what any of that means either. Luckily there’s Ben Miller that knows all that, along with everything else server and networking related. We on the other hand know all about great logo design, so when […]
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Simply Awesome Live Events Logo Case Study

Here’s a clever company we had the privilege of designing for: Simply Awesome Live Events. It’s a hub that lets business owners showcase and sell their products and services at live events hosted by this company. And their acronym is: S.A.L.E. Our client has clearly put some thought into the name, and he has done […]
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Custom Product Logo for Epic Squeeze

A product logo is just like a company logo. It has to be memorable, represent the product well, and be attractive. Our client – a successful internet entrepreneur, wanted a logo for his brainchild – Epic Squeeze. It’s a clever plugin that empowers site owners to turn a boring landing page into an amazing landing […]
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The Golf Depot – Strong Logo for a Power Seller on eBay

There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there and we love working with all of them. Each one has a unique story, and for us it feels good to be there they grow their idea into a successful business. In this example a power seller on eBay has asked us to make a custom logo […]
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Mogtel Security Custom Logo Design

Here are some logos we enjoyed doing for Mogtel Security. The security industry is pretty competitive. There are a handful of big companies dominating the market, and there are many smaller companies that have their own niche, tailoring to specific clients. And, like with most industries a lot of the business comes from referrals. At […]
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Should you Get a Holiday Themed Logo?

You’ve probably seen eBay, and you’ve certainly noticed Google do this. Come a holiday, or a special event, they change their regular logo to a holiday themed logo that reflects the event. In fact, a lot of big and a bunch of small companies make this change, but should you? Well if you’re open to […]
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New York City’s Bagels 2 Burgers Logo Case Study

Joe Borgia is amazing restaurateur! From a restaurant concept to a business launch with a speed that would leave Usain Bolt jealous! Really, the speed he moved through was very impressive, especially for a brick and mortar type of business. One day we received the logo order, and within what felt like just a couple […]
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