All Plumbing Enterprises & Their Brand New Logo

All Plumbing Enterprises is growing – They need a new logo! I want the logo to make the homeowner want to pick up the phone and call me for their plumbing needs That’s it. Those were all the client’s instructions. Not really a lot of direction is it? But sometimes that’s all we need. Especially […]
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Kander Medical – Business Logo Case Study

Here’s a logo we enjoyed doing. It’s for a medical company that’s expanding and rolling out with a solid product in a niche market. Naturally to win customer confidence they need to look the part. Instructions were fairly straight forward, though without a clear direction. Kander Medical is a medical device company that sells products […]
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Birck’s Industrial Supply Logo Redesign

We change our hairstyles, our clothes, our look, all the time. Certain styles go out of fashion so we reinvent ourselves to stay fresh and connected within our culture. The very same evolution is important for businesses as well. Take Birck’s Industrial Supply for example. During their early operations, Birck’s wordmark logo had elements of […]
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Cad’s Cause – NPO Logo Design

Once in a while we at Little Guy Logos, are lucky enough to work with some truly inspiring organizations. Such is the case with our work for the Cad’s Cause fund. Motivated by the death of a close friend, Andrew Scott Cadigan set off on a journey around Australia to raise funds to help find […]
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A Custom Logo Design Case Study – Little Ramen Bar

Little Ramen Shop needed a Custom Logo Design Our client clearly knows how to get a good logo design, because his instructions were right on the money! Slogan: 小さなラーメン屋 The slogan posted above is Japanese for “Little Ramen Shop”, so that needs to be put in somewhere small, but readable. I’m in need of two […]
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Another Low Cost Logo Design – Limes Bike Share

Here’s a logo we really enjoyed doing. Why? Because, it was fun and for a good cause! It’s a great little start-up that wants to help people stay active and healthy while reducing the carbon impact on our planet. The premise is simple – get more people riding bicycles! Little Guy Logos is great at […]
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LearnBetter Custom Logo Case Study

Recently we had the pleasure of working on another logo for a learning organization. This was a custom logo design for a tutoring center, and since their philosophy is to reinvest into their instructor and learning materials, spending a few hundred dollars on a logo was out of the question! The LearnBetter tutoring center therefore […]
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Manda Film Custom Logo Case Study

It’s very easy to get a low cost logo that has been designed just as you want it. The key is good communication. How do our clients get exactly the logos they want? Well, when our clients have a good idea of what they want, they just provide us with a very clear direction. Manda […]
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Affordable Logo Design – It’s for Everyone

No matter if you have a basement startup on a shoestring budget, or a company benefiting from a multi-million dollar second phase investment, every company could use a custom and affordable logo design. We don’t know how much money our clients have to throw around, but we always know that we can provide an affordable […]
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SugarTips Custom Logo Case Study

When it comes to Cake Decorating, SugarTips are the guys to go to! Their cake art impresses everyone, but to have their customer drool over their business cards, they needed a delicious logo!  Luckily Little Guy Logos was able to help! The above logo, along with the 2 other custom logo designs were created based on […]
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