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Weekly Logo Roundup 2 – So long and thanks for all the fish!

Here are some of our favourite logos for the week. Carrying on with the trend from last week we’ve got another tech company in communications (we really enjoyed designing that logo) and a logo project for a photographer. ALM Communications Here’s a company that installs, upgrades, reconfigures or removes RF equipment for mobile phone carries. […]
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All Plumbing Enterprises & Their Brand New Logo

All Plumbing Enterprises is growing – They need a new logo! I want the logo to make the homeowner want to pick up the phone and call me for their plumbing needs That’s it. Those were all the client’s instructions. Not really a lot of direction is it? But sometimes that’s all we need. Especially […]
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Birck’s Industrial Supply Logo Redesign

We change our hairstyles, our clothes, our look, all the time. Certain styles go out of fashion so we reinvent ourselves to stay fresh and connected within our culture. The very same evolution is important for businesses as well. Take Birck’s Industrial Supply for example. During their early operations, Birck’s wordmark logo had elements of […]
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