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Weekly Logo Roundup 47

The Arctic winds b-r-r-r-ing with them a sharply biting chill that keeps us wide awake and on our toes this wonderful wintry morning! And so… We decided to stay indoors this weekend and keep our almost freezing toes warm and dandy in a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers. The big, red X on the calendar […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 37

Good day! Once again we’ve reached an end-of-week tradition at Little Guy Logos. It’s the 37th weekly roundup of logo designs we think are exceptional and worthy of mention. Pure Results Nutrition Pure Results Nutrition educates, and sells nutritional health products. Nutrition Consulting Logo 1 There are three meaningful elements in this logo design for […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 2 – So long and thanks for all the fish!

Here are some of our favourite logos for the week. Carrying on with the trend from last week we’ve got another tech company in communications (we really enjoyed designing that logo) and a logo project for a photographer. ALM Communications Here’s a company that installs, upgrades, reconfigures or removes RF equipment for mobile phone carries. […]
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