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Weekly Logo Roundup 51

In less than a week, the deluge of roses and chocolates will be upon us. Oh, Valentine’s Day! And speaking of love… This passion for graphics design is a form of love, and we celebrate it every Saturday. There are no romantic dinner dates, sunset strolls, or surprise wedding proposals. Yet, these weekly roundups seem […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 49

It’s been twenty-five days since the New Year began. And, the flurries kept on coming as if the White Witch has been in a mood to explore the urban landscape. Meanwhile, we march onwards to add new logos to our Saturday lineup of interesting design concepts that eloquently promote a brand or represent a corporate […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 34

That crisp autumn air seems to add a little spring to our steps, don’t you think? Or, maybe it’s just the prospect of seeing another round of beautiful logo designs. The design team of Little Guy Logos has selected these logos based on aesthetics as well as personality. Blue River Arts Blue River Arts is […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 16

We’re on our sixteenth weekly roundup of beautiful logo designs. Time flies! Out of the designs we’ve done this week, here are those that we love most. Check ’em out… Shockwave Shockwave is a logo done an extreme sports team – that of Canadian skydivers. They are skydiving professionals who have come together for the […]
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