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Case Studies

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Meet Anthony…

Anthony came to Little Guy Logos and said:
I need a logo for the domain BESTPLAY.ME. It’s a video blog for amateur athletes to send in their videos, and I’ll post the best few ones per day. It’s open to all sports. I have no inspiration for you. I’m interested in seeing what you come up with.
Logo requests without a clear direction are the trickiest ones. Without a good idea of the kind of style you want, the colors you like, or the impression you want for your logo, our design efforts become a guessing game. But, Anthony has worked with us before, and trusted Little Guy Logos to design something he’ll like. We got to work, and within a few days we sent the following 3 variations of the logo, asking Anthony if he needed any revisions done.
Turned out that what Anthony had in mind, and what we thought he wanted, were two completely different things. Having no direction, we focused on creating an ambiguous figure that could represent many different sports, from a runner, to a basketball, or a soccer player caught mid-stride for two of the designs. Anthony could have loved them, or he could have hated them. Either way, sometimes our clients want to see something with no input, just to see a design option that they didn’t consider. Instead of revising these designs, Anthony ordered 3 new concepts, providing a clear design direction for what he had in mind:
I envisioned something like this logo found here: Either in the circles as shown or in rectangles that look like tv screens (ala youtube). A Hockey Player silhouette, a Soccer Player silhouette, a Baseball Player silhouette, a Basketball Player silhouette, and a Golf Player silhouette. If for space reasons only 3 player silhouettes can be used, please use hockey, soccer and basketball.
Those were great instructions! They were specific, and the example communicated the overall feeling to the logo, the colors, and the style of the target design. Again, Anthony got 3 logo variations for review, and if something wasn’t perfect, he could always have us revise it.
Anthony loved all of them!
Dude these nailed it! They’re all wicked but I really like the one on the left. Do you think I could get the illustrator files for the left one and the centre though?
We were happy Anthony liked the designs, and we sent him the final files for his requested logos. A few days later Anthony had an idea though and requested a revision:
Could you make the following revision? PLAY P Is Green (as is) L is Orange (as is) A is Blue (as is) Y is Red (as is) Could you get the order of the circles to match the order of the letters? Green, Orange, Blue then Red (left to right) Could you get the following sports in the following coloured circles? Green = Soccer shilouete Orange = basketball silhouette Blue = hockey silhouette Red = golf silhouette Thanks
We could do all of that, and we did! Now Anthony has a logo he’s really, really happy with. He’s a cool guy, with a great website (and a wicked logo!), and you should check it out here: BestPlay.Me.
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