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Caroline shares vegan recipes and exercise tips on her blog, inspiring her readers to live a healthier lifestyle. Thousands of monthly readers turn to her for advice and inspiration, and her reputation only continues to grow.

In the highly competitive health and fitness industry it’s important to look trustworthy and established. A professional image gives credibility to the message. So, as her personal blog morphed into a business it made sense to replace the plain text name with a professional logo to build trust with her target audience.

People will assume things about you and your company based on the impression your logo makes. You may appear as new or established, your services as professional or amateurish, your customer relations as personal or impersonal.

How the company is perceived is influenced by the symbolism in the logo and the overall style of the design. Since no one knows better than the owners what’s appropriate for their brands and their target audiences, it’s usually our clients that tell us what they want see. Here’s the direction Caroline provided to get us going:

It should give that happy, healthy, beach look feeling. I will post a lot of fruit pictures and really like watermelons, figs, blueberries, pineapple, so I thought it might be nice to include that somehow in the logo. Basically you should see the Logo and immediately think of a vibrant, healthy and positive website.

The writing should be modern, clean and timeless.

Colors: green- turquoise, blue-torquise, beige-chubby white wood look. Some texture in general could be nice.

colors to use

I am running a blog on wordpress and am not sure which format I need. Maybe you can help me with that.

Thanks so much!! I hope my ideas make sense :-)

The overall direction made sense. We had a general idea of the feeling the logo had to convey, and we knew exactly what kind of symbolism our client wanted to see in her logo, but what we didn’t really know was the style. Ideas like modern, or beach-look, or clean mean very different things to different people. That’s normal, and figuring out the meaning is part of the design process. Luckily, we have a very easy way to do that – we ask for examples!

These are the kind of logos I like:

carolines choice example logo 1 carolines choice example logo 2

The examples Caroline provided reflected her ideas of what would be appropriate or inappropriate for her brand. Using them to extrapolate her preferences for typography, general layout, overall style and much more, we came up with the following concepts.

All three designs depict the requested fruits and colors. The fruit are not only personally relevant to Caroline, they also effectively communicate the healthy philosophy of her brand.

Caroline's Choice custom logo ver1 Caroline's Choice custom logo ver2

Concepts #1 and #2 use fruit to bring different attention to the logo. In #1 the watermelon is a subtle smile, but by placing it under the word “choice” we effectively underline it, stressing the idea of empowerment and positivity. Meanwhile, #2 echoes the “choice” in the name with the checkmark over “i”. While designing this concept we realized that combining the “i” with the checkmark in this way also visually says “I made this choice” – to live a healthy lifestyle. This was unintentional, but rather something we only saw when we started the design.

Caroline's Choice custom logo ver3

Concept #3 is an emblem style logo, with the graphical component (the watermelon slice) encompassing the text. The roots reaching out at the top communicate the idea of growth and can also subtly suggest the connection that Caroline and her readers share (they seem to be reaching towards each other). That, and the shape of the wedge, which also looks a lot like a smile, acts to communicate a positive feeling without being obvious.

Caroline liked select parts in the logos, but wanted to mix-and-match some elements. We also received new colors to use to better communicate vibrancy.

For the first: Could you use the lighter blue from the watermelon part for “caroline’s choice” and replace the light blue from the watermelon with a light pink? Also, could you chose and a mint-green for the apple and a bit darker green for the leave? Maybe its also nice to use different shades of the colors to make it look more arty.

For the second: Could you use the same writing style than in the first one (in the higher turquoise and mint green maybe) but keep the size and shape of the second one, and maybe have the top part of the pineapple in a slightly darker green and the botton part in a yellowish color.

We love it when we receive instructions so clear and precise! Here’s what those revisions looked like:

Caroline's Choice custom logo ver1.1 Caroline's Choice custom logo ver2.1

And, with that we were almost at the winning design. A few minor color tweaks got us there:

Caroline's Choice custom logo ver2.3 Caroline's Choice custom logo ver2.2

Shortly thereafter, Caroline requested a social media cover for use on facebook, twitter, gooogle+, etc. The design comprised of a logo, tagline, and a photo of a pineapple, which could have represented the theme for the recipes Caroline was publishing at the time.

You can check out that design below:

Among our clients:

Do you design anything else?

Yes, we do it all! Flyers, social media covers, banner ads, packaging for products, business cards, custom icons for websites, background removal, and lots, lots more! If you'd like to discuss your project, just drop us a line.