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Case Studies

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Meet Dimitri…

For this logo, Dimitri gave us free reign. He knew what we could do, because we’ve done some other graphic work for him, so his instructions were pretty simple:
Hey, so I need a logo after all. Please design something for Dimitri’s Training. It’s the name I’m going to be using for my fitness site. For the colours match something that’ll look good on the site and on business cards.
We appreciate the confidence he placed in our work, and here’s what we delivered:
Dimitri pretty much settled on one of the logos, but then he made a strategic decision to change the company name to Results PPT, so we had to make a quick revision to the logos.
While we were making these change, the designer working on this project wanted to run another idea by Dimitri. The logo that was originally chosen; one with a clever “zen” like silhouette with it’s legs forming the letter “D” was great for Dimitri’s Training, but not as nice for the new company name. Anyway, we had some time, and we wanted to do something nice for our returning client, so we created fourth logo concept on the house: Maybe because it was an unexpected bonus, or maybe because it looks a little like Iron Man, Dimitri chose to move ahead with this design. He just asked us to make a couple changes to finish it off.
I like that one! I just want you to add a tagline Personal & Performance Training and a female’s silhouette. Right now the logo is too masculine, and since my clients are evenly split, I want the logo to be more balanced for both sexes.
Not a problem. Here’s the logo with the changes: This is exactly what Dimitri wanted and he started using it on his site right away! Now thanks to the amazing logo he’s got a TON of business! Just kidding, he’s a personal trainer that’s entirely devoted to his clients, and that’s the real reason for his success. You can check out his site here: www.resultsppt.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/12″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Among our clients: