Liberty Cycles

Success Story


Liberty Cycles has been in business for over 20 years, renting and selling bikes and accessories to messengers, clubs, New York City locals and tourists. They are probably best known for their expert mechanics who provide bicycle repair, tune-up, and assembly services.

When it came time to replace their old logo with a new design, Fred of Liberty Cycles came to us with the following instructions:

I am looking for a modern, visually-appealing and yet simple logo that contains the Statue of Liberty and a bicycle. She can either be riding the bicycle or besides it. I am looking for a blue, green, and white color scheme.

In my mind the Statue of Liberty is green while the bike is blue. I would also like our company name to be included in the logo.

After over two decades in the business, it’s no surprise that the owner had a clear direction for the logo that would represent his business. But, while the requested imagery was clear, the style was not. Something like simple tends to be subjective – when we hear it we think of Nike’s, McDonald’s or Apple’s logos, so we asked Fred for examples to see what he had in mind:

I have attached our old logo. I like the simplicity and masculinity of it, but I do not like the color scheme as much. Feel free to use this as a template if you wish.

Old Liberty Cycles logo

This helped us understand what Fred wanted and put us on the same page. We used the old Liberty Cycles logo as a style guide for the first concept, and as a guide for the level of detail for the two other designs:

Liberty Cycles logo ver1 Liberty Cycles logo ver2 Liberty Cycles logo ver3

Sometimes as we design, we have other ideas that we want to present. While working on version 2 we were inspired to create a vertical variation that we wanted Fred to check out…

Liberty Cycles logo ver2.1

This extra effort paid off, and Fred’s reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

We have a winner! I love version 2.1! At the moment, I can’t think of any changes that I would like.

That was great to hear! We love it when we get the perfect logo right off-the-bat, but our celebrations were a bit premature.

Hold that thought! My wife likes version 3 and now I’m debating which one I like best.

Taking a moment to reflect, Fred concluded that he would also like to see some changes to design that he chose initially.

I’d like to see version 2.1 with our name “Liberty Cycles” horizontally on the bottom instead of vertically. I’d also like to see a version 3 with the Statue of Liberty upright instead of bending over.

These were simple enough changes, which we were happy to show, along with a few more variations:

Liberty Cycles logo ver2.2-1 Liberty Cycles logo ver2.2-2 Liberty Cycles logo ver2.2-3
Liberty Cycles logo ver3.1

With that we were very close to the winning design. Fred just wanted to see a couple variations to the size of the square

I’ve decided that I like version 2.2 best! I like the second rendition from the last round, but I would like for the top green square to include more of the Statue of Liberty (similar to the outer versions). Can you please apply these changes?

Liberty Cycles logo ver2.3-1 Liberty Cycles logo ver2.3-2

Fred chose one of these designs, and Liberty Cycles got a winning logo that will serve them for the years to come.

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