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Case Studies

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Meet Nickeya…

When Nickeya ordered her logo from us she had a lot of ideas:
Sew and Smile is a site about sewing how to’s, it will have video tutorials, everything sewing. Stylish garments will be featured to make. Also I will be offering too make custom clothes for people. offering to have courses right in their homes. etc..I really would like this logo to represent me in a sense where the logo will be fun, creative, laughable? I will like the logo to have sewing aspects in there but try to avoid the typical sewing machine a lot of sewing blogs/companies have sewing machine. I mean you can add it in, but make it not the main component in there. There can be needles, with thread, sewing, a mannequin, fabric (the structure like rumpling of fabric, creases of it and of course a smiley face but not the typical yellow smiley face, something where it is stylish in a sense, it can be sewing, have fabric wrapped around it.. (smiling red lips? blue?)
Like many entrepreneurs, Nickeya is used to handling a thousand things at once, and that carried through to her logo instructions. Soooo many logo ideas! It’s clear that her site will have everything her visitors will need, but what her visitors also need is to logo that will be simple and memorable. We had to focus on only a few ideas at a time, and came up with the following 3 variations of the logo:
Nickeya loved our designers’ work, and requested a revision for one of the logos:
You really captured my personality in these logos you sent. Wow. …for the second logo only, can you tweak the existing design in an edgier direction – play with the color palette + experiment with the shape + include perhaps some textures/fabric/actual sewing techniques inside the logo. It might be a little too computer-made + a bit too generic… Maybe cutting the fabric? Showing texture of denim , silk, plaid or even having a tied textured bow on the s with the needle still there like the bow is being stitched?
Well that was another tall order! We focused on making an edgier color choice, changed the shape, added more stitches, and created a fabric texture. Here’s what the revision looked like:
I love it! IT is so different… I will still like to probably revise it if anything… But I will get feedback and let you know…
Within 24 hours Nickeya had got the feedback she was looking for and requested logos with the following revisions:
This was exactly what Nickeya was looking for, and now she proudly uses the logo on her website and stationery.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/12″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Among our clients: