New York City’s Bagels 2 Burgers Logo Case Study

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borgias-case-study Joe Borgia is amazing restaurateur! From a restaurant concept to a business launch with a speed that would leave Usain Bolt jealous! Really, the speed he moved through was very impressive, especially for a brick and mortar type of business. One day we received the logo order, and within what felt like just a couple of days, we saw our work pictured in a local newspaper on top of an opening soon sign for Borgia’s B2B. But, that’s later. Let’s start at the beginning with what the order looked liked:
Attachment file is for the logo that I came up with. I would like you to improve on that logo for 1 of the designs and then come up with two that are completely different.
borgias-logo-case-study-instructions Here’s what we came up with:

Logo Version 1


Logo Version 2


Logo Version 3

borgias-logo-case-study We soon got feedback from our client:
We like the logo from ver 2. We like the font from logo 1. Also, on the very bottom where it says Bagels to Burgers, can you put NYC Bagels to Burgers. The only other thing I would maybe like to see, is if you can do those changes and then maybe do something with the colors. Instead of the brown and bronze, maybe brown and blue, or just some other combinations that you think would look good.
We made the requested revision to logo 2 and send it back to our client. We also sent a fourth design. It was an afterthought, and a nice bonus for the client. Inspired by New York’s iconic yellow cabs, we felt we had to share it (the very first logo on the page).


borgias-logo-case-study-4-revision While we personally liked the cab inspired logo best, our client liked the revision.
I love the one with the Blue. I just have 2 changes for it and we are all set. Make the Borgia’s the darker blue in the logo and show it to me with a little more spacing between the Borgia’s and the B2B.
A couple more adjustments, and we delivered the chosen logo: borgias-logo-case-study-5 Our client is happy so we’re happy. And, it’s certainly nice to see the sign up. borgias-opening-soon We think that burger bagels would be delicious, so if you drive by Borgia’s B2B, you must check them out. In the meantime you can check out their website here:

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