Quality Control

Small mistakes gone unnoticed can cost you big down the road. Quality control is borring work and is too often skipped.

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Where do designers cut corners?

Ensuring that everything lines up, that curves are smooth, that horizontal lines are actually horizontal and not just ever-so-slightly askew, that spacing is even – it all takes time and it’s boring non-creative work.

Designers that skip this quality control might think: “It won’t be noticeable, so who cares”, and most of the time it’s true – it won’t be noticeable. Until it is…

Have a look at the Advanced Wireless Solutions Inc. logo. It looks fine, doesn’t it?

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In smaller sizes mistakes and sloppy work is hard to see, but 6 areas should have been fixed in this logo before finalizing the design.

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1) arm should stretch further 2) stray point 3) shadow veers off path 4) curve extends too far 5) uneven spacing between letters 6) text isn’t justified

So what if it’s not perfect?

Let’s say that you only intend to use your logo on your website and business cards. In such a small format, these mistakes would likely go unnoticed. But, later you may decide to place your logo on a bus ad or vehicle wrap.

Blown up big, these mistakes will be visible, and likely you’ll only see them after the wrap is done – a realistic possibility, since it’s their job to apply the graphic to your car, and your your responsibility to provide the final graphic.

You’d then be faced with a difficult choice – to hire a new designer to fix your logo and pay a second time to redo the wrap, or to give the impression that your company doesn’t care about small details. That’s a tough choice on a small business budget.

Avoid these mistakes and errors by working with designers that understand the value of that boring non-creative work to your company image.

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Do you design anything else?

Yes, we do it all! Flyers, social media covers, banner ads, packaging for products, business cards, custom icons for websites, background removal, and lots, lots more! If you'd like to discuss your project, just drop us a line.