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Weekly Logo Roundup 52

Over the past 52 weeks we probably shared close to 300 designs with you, and those you can still check out on our site, but we plan to showoff our new designs on our Little Guy Logos Facebook page and on various off-site portfolios and logo critique communities that we recently joined.
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Weekly Logo Roundup 51

In less than a week, the deluge of roses and chocolates will be upon us. Oh, Valentine’s Day! And speaking of love… This passion for graphics design is a form of love, and we celebrate it every Saturday. There are no romantic dinner dates, sunset strolls, or surprise wedding proposals. Yet, these weekly roundups seem […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 50

Isn’t it amazing that it’s already February? It feels like it’s just yesterday that we were contemplating the holidays. Before we knew it, New Year’s Day has come and gone. Now, we’re on our 50th weekly roundup of logo designs. Fifty is a golden number, and we’re hopeful this week’s lineup proves to be a […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 49

It’s been twenty-five days since the New Year began. And, the flurries kept on coming as if the White Witch has been in a mood to explore the urban landscape. Meanwhile, we march onwards to add new logos to our Saturday lineup of interesting design concepts that eloquently promote a brand or represent a corporate […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 48

See what the Little Guys Logo team has been up to. It’s the 48th weekly roundup of logos that we think are worthy of your attention.  These logos show unique design ideas, and that’s important because logos are among the most effective tools in establishing a corporate identity or a brand. Crime Desk 24 Crime Desk […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 47

The Arctic winds b-r-r-r-ing with them a sharply biting chill that keeps us wide awake and on our toes this wonderful wintry morning! And so… We decided to stay indoors this weekend and keep our almost freezing toes warm and dandy in a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers. The big, red X on the calendar […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 46

And, we’re baaack to regular programming! So, how did you spend your Christmas break? If it’s as warmly spent as ours in front of a brightly lit and roaring fire with our loved ones, then you’re probably still reminiscing this Yuletide’s cheers while chewing your softly melted mallows, cracking open those roasted chestnuts, and sipping […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 45

It’s just 11 days before Christmas Day, folks! Have you already completed your shopping list for the holiday season? If you haven’t yet, then don’t be surprised when a beautifully organized chaos descends on our lives so suddenly. Understandably, everybody’s racing against time before the shops raised the retail prices of much sought-after products or […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 44

This Saturday proves to be no ordinary day in December for us here in Little Guy Logos. You may be asking, “Why?” Well, in this 44th weekly roundup of logos, a few designs seem to be jumping out of their illustrations and trying to escape being boxed into traditional meanings and symbols. Dab Dillinger Dab […]
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Weekly Logo Roundup 43

How are ye all doing, laddies and gents? The 43rd roundup of logos is coming up! For this end-of-the week post,we have a diverse lineup of logos that we think should be on your radar. They’re sleek, modern and creative in their designs. Beanstalk Box Beanstalk Box rents out reusable plastic moving bins to customers […]
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