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Should you Get a Holiday Themed Logo?

You’ve probably seen eBay, and you’ve certainly noticed Google do this. Come a holiday, or a special event, they change their regular logo to a holiday themed logo that reflects the event. In fact, a lot of big and a bunch of small companies make this change, but should you? Well if you’re open to […]
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The Three Main Types Of Logos with Examples

You have much versatility when it comes to logo design. First you select how you want your company name to be spelled, then the dominant colours you’d like to use, then a logo type. Really there are just 3 main types of logos, but they have 8 ‘sub-categories’ under them that give you even more […]
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Good Logo Instructions Make for a Good Logo

Lets face it, everyone has a different life experience, and that transfers over to our vocabulary. ¬†Words like elegant, sharp, clean, flowing, friendly and a ton others are very ambiguous and two different people will have a different image and association for each word. For example here are two logos that come up when you […]
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