Weekly Logo Roundup 15

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For the team here at Little Guys Logo, this fifteenth weekly roundup of was full of outstanding designs. The logos we’ve chosen to include in this list are among our finest work ever, unfortunately not all of these designs were chosen by our clients. This just shows you that tastes always differ, but we don’t mind, because ultimately our client always get the perfect design.

What The Frosting? Serious Desserts!

What The Frosting is a bakery that makes amazing cupcakes, desserts and baked goods with “out of this world” frosting flavors. WTF? is an innovative bakery known for its creative frosting flavors they put on cupcakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and other baked goods.

Desserts Logo Design

This logo design humorously depicts a tough kid wearing a “what the $%# are you looking at?” expression on his face.  Originally the client requested a tough baby with lots of tattoos and after a few revisions this is the kid we ended up with. The font is designed to resemble tattoo text to stay congruent to WTF?’s tough bakery image. dessets-logo

Get Fit Boot Camp

Also known as Get Fit BC, this fitness training program takes its group of students through a series of outdoor and indoor activities designed to get them in shape.

Fitness Logo Design

This design uses the letters B and C as a base for what we would like to think of as the Olympic flame. Get Fit BC requested something modern and iconic and this design is exactly that! (So where the others, but we really, really liked this logo mark). This is the kind of flame you would see world-recognized athletes light during the Olympic ceremony, and what better way to communicate the peak of athletic excellence than with a symbol suggestive of that bi-annual event? fitness-logo

Indoor Climate Engineering

The company provides businesses with high-quality equipment for managing indoor climate conditions and the expertise of their highly qualified engineers to implement those controlled environments at their business properties.

Indoor Climate Company Logo

The “c” and “e” of climate engineering are used in this logo to create an easily identifiable symbol that can go on the company’s device stickers, uniforms, etc.  The unfilled circle to the upper left of the image is standard symbol used to depict the degrees of temperature. To tie the text better with the symbol we used the same degree symbol to dot the “i”s. indoor-climate-company

LED Advantage

LED Advantage outfits boats and yachts with LED lighting. In fact they are huge in Sydney, providing various LED light products to myriad of marine customers.

LED Lighting Logo

Even though this design is not an original concept (there were other companies that turned the “D” into an LED diode), we still really like this design. We like the font, the weight and colors of the elements and that’s why we included this design in our weekly roundup this week. led-lighting-logo

LED Lighting Logo 2

This logo design uses an anchor turned on its side for the letter E in LED. We’ve done this so that the company image would better resonate with their main customer base. LED Advantage sells a lot of marine lighting solutions and this nautical symbol would work well in their market. led-lighting-logo-2

Planning Your Logo?

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  • If unprintable colors are used, your logo will look wrong when printed.
  • If final quality control is skipped, your logo will have costly mistakes.

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