Weekly Logo Roundup 19

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It’s been a great week here at Little Guy Logos! We’ve found 6 beautiful designs that deserve to be included in the 19th weekly roundup of logos. Look at these beauties and let us know what you think by liking our Facebook page.


This fitness training program develops muscular strength and endurance for strongman competitors. It involves weight lifting with barbells gradually increasing in weight.

Fitness Logo Design

The logo design has a small abstract figure of a strongman lifting the letter O. The letter doesn’t have a perfectly round shape because it represents a boulder – an object typically found in the competitions. fitness-logo

Doggie Doo All

Doggie Doo All are the creators of a little device that a dog would wear on its collar that dispenses plastic bags and wet wipes for the owner to clean up in a safe and sanitary way.

Pet Product Logo Design

This logo was the one ultimately chosen by the client to represent their product. It depicts a cartoon of a dog providing you with a wet wipe and a plastic bag. pet-product-logo

Pet Product Logo 2

This is a more literal representation of the product. The logo design is basically a drawing of the cleaning product itself. One end dispenses a clean plastic bag while the other holds and dispenses wet wipes. pet-product-logo-2

Handsart Corporation

Handsart Corporation is a general asset management company based in Canada. Mostly though their assets are properties, so we designed logos that fit that portfolio.

Real Estate Company Logo

This particular logo design has the letter H surrounding the walls and roof of a small commercial building. It refers to the kinds of assets that Handsart manages for its clients. real-esteate-company-logo

Real Estate Company Logo 2

In this version of the Handsart logo, the image has a modern, abstract sketch of a tree on a green background. The tree is something that grows naturally and “growth” is a great concept to communicate for any asset management company. ┬áThe tree could also refer to the residential properties that Handsart could manage in its portfolio. This is probably our favorite logo out of the three. real-esteate-company-logo-2

Real Estate Company Logo 3

This is a cool negative-space logo design. In the dark letter H, a silhouette of a small house has been “cut out”. Its again representative of the residential properties they manage in their portfolio, and also of growth, because the house looks surprisingly like an arrow that’s suggesting a rise of fortune. Coincidence? NO! real-esteate-company-logo-3

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