Weekly Logo Roundup 29

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Hooray, hooray! It’s time once again for that end-of-the-week post praising the finer points of a few well-crafted logos here at the Little Guy Logos. The design team definitely outdid themselves when they came up with this great selection of logo designs. For the 29th weekly roundup, we have a couple of custom logos specially designed for an auto-detailing shop, a trio of logo designs created for a web-based and mobile app directory listings of late-night dining spots, and an exotic logo design for beauty product.

Detail Geek

More than a car wash and grooming service, Detail Geek has built an excellent reputation for finishing high-end auto detailing jobs on time and without mishaps. The company can fix a badly done paintwork, the scratches and holograms caused by inept waxing and polishing jobs, the orange peel effect, and the fading or dull surface of a car’s body.

Automotive Industry Logo

This design for the Detail Geek logo looks so simple and clean. A blue line connecting the letters D and K of the company name is shaped like the outline of a car. The vehicle’s hood, roof and trunk are discernible from left to right. automotive-industry-logo

Automotive Industry Logo 2

This logo design for Detail Geek humorously turns the outline of a car into the smiling face of a satisfied customer, or that of a geek – you be the judge. The car’s two wheels are the eyes behind a pair of glasses and the curving line below the car is the customer’s smiling mouth. automotive-industry-logo-2 Ultimately though our client chose to go with our other design. It happens to be more traditional and we didn’t feature it here, but hey, if it works,..


NiteBites is an up-and-coming mobile app directory service that keeps organized and informative listings of late-night dining establishments. The app uses the smartphone’s GPS sensor to identify a user’s location and instantly informs him or her of the restaurants and cafes, 24-hours diners, bars and pubs, burger joints, and other dining spots that are still open late at night or even well after midnight.

Food Industry Logo 1

This logo design for a late-night dining app turns the dark blue dinner plate into a clever background for a crescent moon and three shining stars. A spoon and fork completes this simple table setting. food-industry-logo-1

Food App Logo 2

This inline logo design concept for the NiteBites features a burger to the left of the text. A thin sheet of cheddar cheese (yellow) is squeezed between two juicy meat patties (white), which are covered with dark blue buns. The color represents the night, and where you would expect to see sesame seeds, we have designed stars. This logo does a great job communicating that this is a late-night eatery. food-app-logo-2

Food Industry Logo 3

This NiteBites logo design features a partially eaten cookie. The manner in which it’s eaten creates a crescent moon shape. Three yellow stars have been added to make this concept of a midnight-snack unambiguous. food-industry-logo-3


Ablush is an upcoming brand concept of beauty products that use 100% safe and natural ingredients.

Wordmark Logo Design

Where straight clean lines could suggest something that’s synthetic or mass-produced, this wordmark looks natural because of its color and the fluidity of the text. It looks handmade and that’s a great look for a company that’s trying to differentiate itself from the industry giants. wordmark-logo

Planning Your Logo?

As you look for a logo designer, keep in mind that a designer needs to pair creativity with great technical expertise. For example:

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  • If unprintable colors are used, your logo will look wrong when printed.
  • If final quality control is skipped, your logo will have costly mistakes.

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