Weekly Logo Roundup 30

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It’s another exciting Saturday for everyone here at Little Guy Logos! You may be wondering why that’s always been the case with the LGL design team. Well, for starters… It’s nearly impossible for us to curb our enthusiasm while posting this 30th weekly roundup of creative and witty logos. Also we found some of our earlier designs in use by our clients and we love to see our work not just on our monitors, but used on company sites and stationary.

Adapt Electrical Solutions

This is a custom logo designed for a Perth-based service provider of electrical repairs and installations.

Electrical Company Logo

One of the legs of the letter “A” is shaped like a lightning bolt to signify power and electricity. The shades of steel blue and powder blue create a dignified look for this business logo. The colors also express trustworthiness and a strong commitment to their customers. electrical-company-logo

Titus Capital

Titus Capital provides investment help to small businesses. And we’ve got We’ve got 2 designs that we really liked and wanted to share with you:

Investment Company Logo

The logo symbolizes a strong foundation built to last several lifetimes. In effect, the design represents how an investment fund serves as the stimulus in getting one’s business rolling. The red roof is meant as a form of shelter or protection for the business in times of trouble. Meanwhile the negative space creates the “T” for Titus. investment-company-logo-2

Investment Company Logo 2

This is the second design concept for Titus Capital’s logo that we liked. Unlike the first logo, this one features grayish blue lines forming a Greco-Roman column. It’s meant to represent indefatigable strength like the centuries-old columns still standing among the ruins of Parthenon in Greece. At its center again we have the letter “T” for Titus. investment-company-logo

Sky Fly Video

A videography company in England commissioned this logo. The company provides its clients with film and photography services, specializing in cinematic high-definition aerial videos. The team, composed of a pilot and a camera man, stays on the ground the whole time as they operate an unmanned aerial vehicle called an Octocopter, which has a small video camera mounted to its belly.

Videographer Logo

Our favorite logo design of theirs doesn’t include an octocopter. Instead the logo is more abstract. We represent the aerial videography with an object flying high into the clouds. We’ve then styled this “object” to look like a play button, thus communicating that this company makes videos from high in the sky. videographer-logo

Planning Your Logo?

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  • If final quality control is skipped, your logo will have costly mistakes.

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