Weekly Logo Roundup 32

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Saturdays are fun days at Little Guy Logos! It’s the day of the week when we reflect on our work and select the best logo designs from the previous work week.  For our 32nd weekly roundup of logos, here are six entries that mesmerized us from the get-go.

Back Office Express

Back Office Express is an accounting firm that provides small and mid-sized enterprises the professional expertise and experience in managing their financial accounts, preparing their monthly and annual financial reports,and putting their books in order before tax season and for annual audits.

Accounting Company Logo

The logo design for this accounting firm features a green piggy bank riding a speeding cloud. The piggy bank and its green hue represent the company’s skillful management of their clientele’s money, including the protection of their savings and investments. The speeding cloud refers to bookkeeping in the cloud and to the word ‘EXPRESS’ in the company name. accounting-company-logo

Skin Medic

Skin Medic is an online resource for everything related to skin cancer, including research and prevention tips from medical experts.

Medical Company Logo 2

Originally the pink ribbon was used to represent one’s support for breast cancer research and awareness. Now, it serves as a global symbol for fighting all types of cancer and educating people on preventive measures and available medical treatments. In this Skin Medic logo, we used that pink ribbon to communicate that this online resource is focused on topics that cover skin cancer treatment and prevention. medical-company-logo-2

Medical Company Logo 3

The design concept for this Skin Medic logo was inspired by scientific research that proved a long exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays has been the primary cause for skin cancer. Inside the image of a yellow sun is a negative-space design a human face, which is cradled gently by a hand. The hand cradling the person represents care and support. It is the aim of Skin Medical’s experts to provide care and support, and we think this logo is excellent at representing those concepts. medical-company-logo-3

A Dose of Daphne

A Dose of Daphne is the professional website of a nutrition and fitness coach based in Austin, Texas. She teaches people about macronutrient counting, meal planning and preparations, and other techniques that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Some of these techniques will even help the readers save time and money, while they pursue their fitness goals.

Nutrition Consulting Logo

The design for this consulting logo features a heart-shaped blue apple, glazed with evenly spaced stripes . The apple refers to the common adage that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The glazing while looking delicious, also visually divides the apple into equal parts, suggestive of counting the nutrients in each meal. nutritioin-consulting-logo

Nutrition Consulting Logo 2

This logo design is a play on the blog’s name.  This piece of cake refers to the controlled portion (dose) and placing the text inside the cake reminds you that with Daphne as your nutrition and fitness coach you’ll still be able to eat delicious food while hitting your goals. nutritioin-consulting-logo-2

Nutrition Consulting Fitness Logo

This variation of the logo design for A Dose of Daphne uses subdued hues, specifically a pale tint of yellow-green and a creamy shade of white. A human figure in yellow green has its arms raised and legs spread wide to express happiness and to display an abundance of energy. A shining sun behind the figure meant he or she is ready to tackle each day’s challenges. You can check it out on the A Dose of Daphne‘s website. nutritioin-consulting-fitness-logo-3

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