Weekly Logo Roundup 35

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Hey, hey, hey! It’s a great day here at Little Guy Logos! We’re now on our 35th weekly roundup of logo designs, and this week we’ve chosen five of our logos that we think you’ll appreciate for their creativity and friendly design. Check them out and let us know which ones you like on our Facebook page here.

Talking To Strangers

Talking To Strangers is a web series comedy about online dating. Client wanted something simple, but yet something that would still convey that it’s a comedy.

TV Show Logo

This web series logo features two people in profile facing each engaged in some engaging conversation. The friendly colors, talk bubble and font make the design feel light and appropriate for a comedy. tv-show-logo

TV Show Logo 2

This design features something that our client specifically requested – paper dolls. So in a web style we’ve got the two human figures holding hands. This is a typical scene that you can expect os see a couple engaged in a first-date (or maybe we can, ’cause we’re players!). And here too the frame is shaped like a talk bubble to resonate the name of the show. tv-show-logo-2


M1R prides itself in its ability to provide boutique real estate service at reduced costs. They have partnered with other professionals including attorneys and accountants to provide a one-stop solution for their clients.

Real Estate Logo

The company often goes by “Metro1” so we decided to base our logo mark off that. Our client set the color palette, and all we had to do was figure out the rest :-D. We went on to give the “M” a dual meaning by making the “1” part of the letter and the strong font projects a dependable image. metro-1-real-estate-logo

Rent Appeal

Rent Appeal is a property management company that helps people keep their properties in excellent condition.

Property Management Logo

The logo design features a design that’s inclusive of both stand-alone house properties as well as condominium properties. The warm colors create a sense of friendliness and dependability. property-management-logo

Safe Rise Scaffold

Safe Rise Scaffold is a scaffolding company in Australia. Performing installation and repair services high off the ground. These guys are completely unafraid of heights!

Scaffolding Construction Logo

The broad font used for this logo expresses the strength and durability. The stylized text is made to look like its a piece of metal scaffolding, meanwhile the letter “A” in “SCAFFOLD” is shaped like the roof of a house. scaffolding-construction-logo

Planning Your Logo?

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  • If unprintable colors are used, your logo will look wrong when printed.
  • If final quality control is skipped, your logo will have costly mistakes.

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