Weekly Logo Roundup 36

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How’s your Saturday going? Our’s been a blast here at Little Guy Logos. It’s the one day of the week that we all come together to celebrate the power of pictures. A single image can tell the whole story without the need for words. In this sense, a logo’s design triumphs as a medium for a company to communicate with its clientele or customer base. For the 36th weekly roundup of logos, the following designs have been chosen for their expressiveness and creativity.

Unlimited LED Lights

Unlimited LED Lights sells LED lighting equipment in different shapes and colors.

Unlimited LED Logo

In this logo design for this LED company, we’ve got a bunch lights representing unlimited variety of LED lighting solutions available to Unlimited LED’s customers. The lights also double as human figures, representing the customers turning to the company for their lighting needs. unlimited-led-2

Unlimited LED Lights Logo

This Unlimited LED Lights logo has a superhero feel to it. The design’s quirkiness is seen in its use of a LED light bulb dressed as a superhero complete with a red cape and black eye mask. This superhero figure is there to help people with LED lighting needs. unlimited-LED-lights-logo

National Corporate Cleaning Services

National Corporate Cleaning Services specializes in reliable and quality cleaning of schools, offices, gyms, warehouses, retail centers, supermarkets, and other commercial locations.

NCCS Logo Design

The logo for NCCS has silhouettes of skyscrapers inside a frame that’s shaped like a drop of water. The drop encompasses all the cleaning activities that NCCS does for offices, school buildings,¬† shopping malls, and other establishments, while also representing cleanliness. nccs-cleaning-company-logo

Mirabella’s Delights

Mirabella’s Delights is a catering service for traditional European sweets, cakes and pastries.

Mirabella’s Delights Logo Design

In this logo design, the purple stripes make a beautiful background for the acronym of Mirabella’s Delights. It’s the kind of logo that was designed in line with Mirabella’s packaging needs. It can be used as a small icon on a box containing a small cake, sweet or pastry. It looks very elegant and the colors and flag shape have a regal feel. mirabellas

Mirabella’s Delights Logo

This version of the Mirabella’s Delights logo makes use of wavy lines to frame the golden text. It has a very feminine look, designed to catch the eye of the female demographic ¬†looking for caterers of sweets and pastries for parties and special events. The vibrant colors and the wavy design makes the logo, and thereby the company’s product look “fun”. mirabellas-desert-logo

Planning Your Logo?

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  • If unprintable colors are used, your logo will look wrong when printed.
  • If final quality control is skipped, your logo will have costly mistakes.

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