Weekly Logo Roundup 40

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Aren’t Saturdays nice? Today, you’ll be treated to the 40th weekly logo roundup of Little Guys Logo’s marks. So, how does a logo get inducted into this prestigious list? Simple. The design has to be one that we really like, and if it happens to be quirky and fun, even better!

Henna by Sumaiyah

Sumaiyah is a professional henna tattoo artist who creates colorful and detailed designs on her clients’ hands and faces. She accepts bookings for parties, concerts, school fairs, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Henna Tattoos Logo

This logo design for a henna tattoo artist has a decidedly feminine appeal. Sumaiyah’s quality of work is embodied in this logo. The intricate spirals and swirls are part of the appeal of a traditional henna tattoo. henna-tattoo-logo

Beach House 44

Beach House 44 is a publishing house that also doubles as a bookshop with an art gallery and a small restaurant.

Small Store Logo

This design for the Beach House 44 logo takes its inspiration from its name. The horizontal lines in the text plus the ones separating the company name from the slogan look like waves of water. The name of the company is distinctively blue just like the ocean, and the 44 look like sails in the ocean. small-store-logo

Small Store Wordmark

This wordmark is based on a design our client liked.  She provided an example and asked us to pretty much replicate it, altering only the colors a bit. We obliged, and both us and our client are very happy with the end result. small-store-logo-wordmark

A Divine Affair

Jennie is the beauty and brains behind A Divine Affair – a wedding and events planning service in Canada. She’s a certified wedding coordinator and recognized in 2013 by wedding industry experts as one of the best events organizers to hire for a wedding.

Wedding Planner Logo

When you think of weddings, you think of a girl’s childhood dream being brought to life. A divine affair’s logo showcases just that, simple, light, classic and feminine. wedding-planner-logo

Team Home Clean

Team Home Clean is is a house cleaning and housekeeping service in Houston.

Home Cleaning Logo 1

The owner wanted a sports feel to the logo. So, this design features two men with mops posed like hockey players facing off on the arena.  This logo makes use of two colors; blue and red. Red is commonly associated with energy and action while blue is known to be fresh and clean. home-cleaning-company-logo

Home Cleaning Logo 2

This logo design for Team Home Clean is reminiscent of hockey logos. An emblem for this professional cleaning service. The central image consists of a mop and a bucket of water. home-cleaning-company-logo 2

Planning Your Logo?

As you look for a logo designer, keep in mind that a designer needs to pair creativity with great technical expertise. For example:

  • If the wrong design program is used, your logo will blur when resized.
  • If unprintable colors are used, your logo will look wrong when printed.
  • If final quality control is skipped, your logo will have costly mistakes.

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