Weekly Logo Roundup 43

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How are ye all doing, laddies and gents? The 43rd roundup of logos is coming up! For this end-of-the week post,we have a diverse lineup of logos that we think should be on your radar. They’re sleek, modern and creative in their designs.

Beanstalk Box

Beanstalk Box rents out reusable plastic moving bins to customers who want to keep their trash in one place.

Recycle Company Logo

The name of the company serves as the inspiration for the logo. The design shows a green beanstalk growing out of a plastic trash bin with a recycling symbol painted on its side. beanstalk-box

Recycle Company Logo 2

We like the idea of using the beanstalk’s leaves to form a recycling symbol. This design for the Beanstalk Box logo clearly embraces the idea of going green for a cleaner environment. beanstalk-2

Optometry Debt

Optometry Debt is a personal finance blog created by Martin after he graduated from optometry school in 2013.

Finance Blog Logo

The logo for Optometry Debt has the “O” in Optometry turned into an eyeball, sitting on a few bills. The eye serves both as a reference to optometry, and also visually represents “keeping an eye on your money”, to reflect Martin’s relationship with his personal finances after graduation. optometry-debt

Finance Blog Logo Design 2

Here we played with the same concepts. The image of an eye has a dollar sign inside the pupil as reference to the blog’s author who is an optometrist keeping a close eye on his finances. optometry-2

10 Finger Inc.

10 Finger Inc. provides a golf agent or sports representation and marketing to professional golf players.

Golf Logo

The logo looks like the letter Z, but it’s actually two hands gripping a golf club, hence the 10-finger grip. 10-finger-2

Golf Logo 2

This design of the 10 finger logo clearly shows two hands on each side gripping each other. A golf ball is in the middle while the company name and its slogan “Get A Grip” curve around the image. It’s a representation of the strong relationship between the player and his or her agent working hand-in-hand to the players best advantage. 10-finger

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