Weekly Logo Roundup 48

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See what the Little Guys Logo team has been up to. It’s the 48th weekly roundup of logos that we think are worthy of your attention.  These logos show unique design ideas, and that’s important because logos are among the most effective tools in establishing a corporate identity or a brand.

Crime Desk 24

Crime Desk 24 is a crime news and commentary website that provides real-time updates and in-depth articles about celebrity criminals, serial killers, unsolved crimes, mobsters, and currently controversial crimes.

Crime News Website Logo

This design for the Crime Desk 24 logo takes a page out of the CSI handbook. It features a partial fingerprint drawn with thin red lines, transitioning into lines of text on a piece of paper. Meanwhile the sheaf of papers represents the news and reports that this website covers. Crime-Desk-24-ver3

Crime Desk 24 Logo 2

This variation on the Crime Desk 24 logo features a more literal depiction of the name. We’ve got a masked burglar hiding behind the Crime Desk with the number 24 painted in pale pink against a red side of the desk. crime-desk-1

J&J Canada Corporations

J&J Canada Corporations operates in the plastics industry.

Plastics Company Logo

The two ‘J’s of the company name face each other and enclose the plastic. The block has sharp edges and angles to represent the precise plastic works that the J & J Canada Corporations delivers to its customers. And the outer core represents the refractory, able to withstand whatever high temperatures and volatility the industry may bring. j-and-j

MyQuivers Online Community

Quivers is a slang term for surf boards. MyQuivers is an online community site for all kinds of surfers, from amateurs to professionals.

MyQuivers Brand Logo 1

The logo is a stripped down version of the perfect white wall. A large wave curls into itself and forms a tunnel of water that continues to roll towards the beach and crash into smaller waves against the warm, white sand. One of the quivers or a surf board is positioned diagonally to the wave tunnel. The image forms the letter Q, which stands for quivers. MyQuivers-ver3b

MyQuivers Brand Logo 2

This logo design for MyQuivers has a surfboard laid flat under the text. Part of the letter Y serves as a fin for the board. The word ‘QUIVERS’ seems to be standing on the surfboard and riding the waves as they come. MyQuivers-ver4

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