Weekly Logo Roundup 5

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The design team of Little Guy Logos met many times in a huddle and spent many hours locked in argumentative discussions. After seven days, however, everyone decided to end the debates once and for all by casting their secret ballots and announcing only those logo designs that amassed the largest majority votes as the cream of the crop. And so, on this merry Choose-day morning, we present to you this 5th Weekly Roundup of five unique logos. We chose them because we thought they were the most visually striking and most meaningful designs.

Go Neighbor

This logo design was created with the objectives that the Go Neighbor virtual community founder had in mind. The founder wanted to establish an online community for people within one geographical location (think micro social networks), so that neighbors would get to know each other better and meet in the virtual and in the real world.

Go Neighbor Startup Company Logo

The house represents one’s home in the community and also your family. Two figures are leaning towards each other with their outstretched arms raised above the house’s roof and their hands trying to reach the tip. The blue figure owns the blue house while the green figure is a helpful neighbor offering his valuable assistance to the homeowner. The other more subtle idea is that these two neighbors are coming together to safeguard the home, and we really like that concept. go-neighbor-startup-logo

Go Neighbor Startup Company Logo 2

The trio of human shapes holding each other’s hands and forming a small circle, refers to teamwork and camaraderie in a group, which is exactly what the goneighbor.org community strives to achieve. go-neighbor-startup-logo-2

Infinity Digital Outdoor Media

This digital media and outdoor advertising company asked for a clean and simple logo that communicated what their core business was all about at a glance.

Infinity Digital Logo Design

The company has numerous ad spaces for stationary (i.e. large-format printed banners and signs) and animated types (i.e. auto-scrolling images and programmable LED lights). They also broadcast video ads on giant flat-screen TVs designed to be used outdoors; installed at visible locations around the city. The interlinked rectangular frames represent the company’s trademark name of “Infinity” and also its core product, which is producing digital media for outdoor advertising. infinity-digital-logo-design

South Shore Lodge

The client owns and manages a small, private lodge that’s available for rental to recreational wildlife hunters, fly fishers, bird watchers, and people looking for much needed rest and relaxation in a rustic area. South Shore Lodge Custom Bear Logo The client requested a logo design that has a fierce-looking black bear in it. Apparently, black bear hunting is a popular sport in North America. It’s common for hunters to set traps and track wild animals in heavily forested regions of Canada, such as Alberta, Calgary, and Manitoba (where this hunting and fishing lodge is located). south-shore-lodge-custom bear logo South Shore Lodge Logo 2 The second design for the South Shore Lodge logo features the other recreational activity the client offers to the lodge’s visitors. The fishing area is on the south side of Eagle Lake, Ontario. Fishing enthusiasts love the place because the lake is always full of bass, trout, walleye, and northern pike. south-shore-lodge-logo-2

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