Weekly Logo Roundup 7

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This week we noticed a theme among our clients. In one way or another they were all about empowering and motivating their clients. Our clients help kids become healthier, assist professionals in finding the perfect job, and aid businesses with their data needs. They are working hard for their clients and we work hard for ours. Here are our favorite logo designs this week:

Pioneer People

First off is our client that provides turnkey HR management solutions to companies of various sizes.

HR Staffing Company Logo

The logo emphasizes the letter P, which makes the company name identifiable Pioneer People. Meanwhile the three blue dots around the “P” represent the “heads” or people sitting around a table like in an interview or meeting. These could be the HR professionals, the job seekers, or the company representatives that are looking to fill their vacant positions. hr-staffing-company-logo

Data On Demand

This Victoria-based company provides cost-effective IT services for small-to-medium enterprises. They offer data storage and protection, server solutions, virtualization, and cloud computing services.

IT Logo Design

Logos for businesses and technology companies frequently use cool colors like: blue, gray and green, to appear more authoritative, trustworthy, and professionally competent. Of course a logo’s design is only one of many factors that influence a customer’s perception of a certain brand. In the case of Data on Demand, a simplified logo design clearly fits their company’s motto of simplifying information technology for the average consumer. it-logo

Empowering Kids for Life

The company helps little kids through teenagers learn to manage their emotions, reduce their stress levels, and achieve inner balance through Yoga and meditation. We liked all 3 of our designs and could not narrow it down to just 1 or even 2 designs we liked, so here are all 3 of them. Perhaps this really should have been a logo case study.

Yoga Kids Logo Design

The main thrust of Empowering Kids for Life is teaching kids how to cope with stressful situations and problems in life. They empower kids through Yoga, Kinesiology-based exercises, and mindfulness meditation. As the kids become more self-reliant, they also develop a well-rounded character and strengthen their personal values. This logo features 2 kids of both sexes to communicate that no gender is excluded. The kids are happy and at peace – thus representing the desired outcome of the programs our client offers. yoga-kids-logo Yoga Kids Logo 2 Empowering Kids for Life teaches young children and teens important life skills, such as ways to resolve conflicts between friends or family members. This company also teaches children what to do to manage their anger, how to deal with bullies and bullying, and effective ways to express their thoughts and feelings without resolving to hurling insults, having temper tantrums, or acts of vandalism. These are complex issues that we did not want to incorporate in our design. Instead we created a friendly logo that features a really happy young boy climbing a lightning bolt. His accent and the lightning bolt are the visual representation of the “empowering concept”. yoga-kids-logo-2 Yoga Kids Logo 3 In this design, the logo purely focuses on the text – its color, size and style. This workmark has an orange child’s figure with arms and legs open wide to signify freedom in movement. His stance (almost Vitruvian) can also signify that possibilities are endless for a child that’s equipped to face and handle any and all future challenges. yoga-kids-logo-3

Planning Your Logo?

As you look for a logo designer, keep in mind that a designer needs to pair creativity with great technical expertise. For example:

  • If the wrong design program is used, your logo will blur when resized.
  • If unprintable colors are used, your logo will look wrong when printed.
  • If final quality control is skipped, your logo will have costly mistakes.

Business owner trying to save a few bucks just end up paying twice to redo their logo and reprint their marketing material. Avoid surprises, by learning about impossible colors, vector graphics, and the importance of quality control. Learn more

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